End of tenancy cleaning is important for receiving your full deposit back, more than 60% of End of tenancy deposit disputes are as a result of a property not being thoroughly cleaned by the end of you moving out. Tenants can  choose their desired cleaning companies depending on the inventory or do it themselves, the landlord can request the same level of hygiene as it was documented in your moving in inventory.
If you choose to do your own cleaning remember to check inventory as a guide and ensure the property is fully cleaned set yourself time spring or deep cleaning take a lot of time and if not done properly the landlord can sometimes deduct part of your deposit to cover the cleaning cost.
If you intend to hire a cleaning company for your end of tenancy cleaning you should be wary of bad decisions
-Make sure your work is done and will suffice for reclaiming your money back.
You can contact www.cleanerss.com if you need help with your end of tenancy cleaning.
most companies charge
1 Studio Rooms-£120
2 One bedroom- £145
3 Two bedroom- 180
4 three bedroom- £200
5 four bedroom- £250
companies will charge based on the size and number of bedrooms.