How do you find the right professional cleaner in London if you live in the city of London?

Nowadays there are lots of cleaning companies in London offering a wide range of cleaning service in your geographical postcode area in London. A lot of professional cleaners often offer exclusive season offers or provide the bulk of services at a discount price but how do you choose the right one? companies like have years of hands-on experience in the Domestic cleaning industry in London and when hiring them they will provide you with the best possible cleaning service that will match your needs. moreover, their efficient cleaners in London are trained and equipped with modern cleaning tools and equipment allow them to provide you with expert happy cleaning service, knowing how to deal immaculately with all kinds of dirt and stains. The challenge is  cleaners who work for themselves compared to cleaning companies how do you do the security checks on them and guarantee quality service alternatively you can use the following option 


The local newspaper is the best place to look if you want to find a cleaner in your near your area. However the problem can arise if your cleaner is sick or go on holiday and you don’t have anyone to replace them, likewise, how do you trust cleaner you find like this who work for themselves without proper security checks.


Front of local shops is the best place where brands get close to their target audience and you can find cleaners this way again how do you vet them. Most of the cleaning companies in the Uk offers a return policy if you book After Builders or End of Tenancy Cleaning services with them.


Recommendation from friends or family is a great way to find a cleaner that is trustworthy and reliable. but it is often the case that cleaners only work in the specific area of London, take time to check the reviews of cleaning companies before you hire a cleaner.


Cleaning services in London Prices
One-off house cleaning London From £14.00 per hour
Regular fortnightly house cleaning From £12.75 per hour
End of Tenancy house cleaning service From £89
Oven Cleaning Service in London £45 Single £70 Double oven
After Builders cleaning service in London From £89
Carpet Cleaning Services in London From £45 Per Room
Commercial cleaning Contract cleaning services London United Kingdom From £14p/h

Prices may vary depending on the area, a minimum 3 hours booking may also apply.


End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Prices
Studio End of Tenancy Cleaning in London £120
One Bedrooms End of Tenancy Cleaning service in London £125
Two Bedroom End of Tenancy Cleaning in London £135
Three Bedrooms End of Tenancy Cleaning in London  £155
Four Bedrooms End of Tenancy Cleaning in London £180
Five Bedrooms End of Tenancy cleaning service in London £230
Six Bedrooms End of Tenancy cleaning service in London £280

Prices may vary depending on the area, The prices mentioned include single oven only


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Airbnb cleaning services have a very important role in the safety of Airbnb vacation rentals. If your home is dirty and disorganised, it can lead to health risks, such as viruses and bacterial infections. professional team will use proper cleaning methods to keep your place clean and sanitary, preventing the spread of illnesses and keeping your guests happy.

WHY CLEANERSS.COM-FOR YOUR AIRBNB CLEANING offers quality Airbnb cleaning services in London and Uk. Founded 10 years ago, this company is dedicated to helping vacation rental hosts turn over their properties. Since its formation, we realized the need for quality cleaning services. They began talking with other vacation rental entrepreneurs and realized that there was a need for a cleaner that was affordable and trustworthy.

The team at is highly trained and skilled in the cleaning industry. They also follow strict guidelines for Airbnb cleanliness. These details make the company the perfect choice for those looking for Airbnb cleaning services in London and Uk. The company offers unlimited cleaning packages and a software system to schedule your cleanings. This makes it easy to get the cleaning done as quickly as possible.

Airbnb cleaning services must have extensive experience in the cleaning of short-term rentals. The staff must know how to properly clean Airbnb properties and complete damage reports and neatly prepare the beds. They should also be able to communicate with their customers well and provide accurate information. A reputable Airbnb cleaning service will respond quickly to inquiries and concerns. They should also have a good rating and a history of satisfied customers

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Airbnb cleaning services should provide quality work, respecting the timeline and budget. They should also communicate with their clients to ensure that everything is done to their standards. Additionally, they should be flexible with their communication and timelines, since they may be out of the house during the turnaround period. Make sure you are clear about what supplies you need for the cleaning process before hiring a cleaning service.

As an Airbnb host, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service to keep your home clean and safe for guests. Not only will our professional Airbnb cleaning service provide peace of mind for you and your guests, but it will also help you to meet Airbnb compliance requirements. If you need help maintaining your rental property, Our professional cleaning service tea can also help you run your business or manage your investment properties on your behalf.

A cleaning service that offers a wide range of cleaning options is essential for Airbnb rentals. The cleaning staff will prepare the rental property for the arrival of a new guest. By scheduling your Airbnb cleaning with a professional cleaning service, you can maximize your profits. You can schedule regular cleaning sessions with an Airbnb cleaning service to make sure everything stays spotless.


Cleaning Airbnb rentals is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of labour and time. Even a full-time employee may not have enough time to keep the space spotless, which is why it’s crucial to use a professional cleaning service. You can choose from a variety of service plans, including short-term or long-term cleaning, to ensure that your space is always immaculate and ready for the next guests. provides an extensive range of cleaning services for Airbnb rentals that will benefit all types of properties. Our cleaners will arrive on time, prepare and clean all surfaces and use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. They also offer easy-to-use plans that do not include any hidden fees or extra charges. The cleaning team will come on a schedule that is most convenient for you, and you can even choose how often you need them to clean your property.

They can also provide same-day cleaning if you need a deep cleaning or a move-in/out cleaning service. All our professionals are bonded and insured and come prepared with everything they need to make your space spotless. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly or annual cleaning.

You can also choose between hiring a personal maid or hiring a property management company to clean your Airbnb rental. While hiring our personal cleaners will be more convenient, a property management service will be more reliable and offer a consistent schedule. However, a property management service will cost more. has a software system that schedules cleaning tasks. It has good reviews in the Airbnb community and won’t cut corners to make a profit. The company also provides regular cleaning services with no deposit required. We are currently working on a Cleaning app that allows you to schedule the cleaning for ease. visit today


Managing rental properties can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It can even be stressful, especially if you’re a full-time employee. With the help of Airbnb cleaning services, you can keep your property clean between guests and keep it looking great. Whether you’re a vacation homeowner or a busy business owner, you’ll appreciate the help of professionals.

The professionals at I Dream Clean are highly trained and have the experience to get the job done well. They also follow strict standards of cleanliness as dictated by Airbnb. This makes I Dream Clean a great choice for short-term rentals. Their service is thorough and comprehensive. Because of their expertise in this field, you can trust that your property will look as good as it could have been in a week.

COVID-19-certified Airbnb cleaning services follow CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of infection and illness. This is a crucial standard for Airbnb cleaning services. It requires a thorough cleaning that includes every corner of the property, and the cleaning company has to know how to comply with it.

Airbnb cleaning services should include deep cleanings on a regular basis. After hiring a cleaning service, keep your rental unit stocked with cleaning supplies. Keeping supplies on hand will help you be more efficient in cleaning after your guests. Take an inventory of all of your cleaning supplies after every rental and restock as necessary.

The best Airbnb cleaning service should be experienced, have a proven track record, and be responsive to your questions. They should also have reviews and credentials. The reviews and testimonials of their previous customers will be useful in deciding which service is right for your needs. A reliable Airbnb cleaning company will offer a variety of options, including a fixed price or hourly rates

When hiring an Airbnb cleaning service, be sure to check for their COVID-19 compliance and history of damages and messes. Those companies should also be able to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a clean rental property. I Dream Clean is one of the best companies to hire for Airbnb cleaning in Las Vegas.

Airbnb cleaning services can ensure that your rental property is clean and staged for maximum appeal. Hiring a cleaning company can ensure your units look their best and command stellar reviews from guests. By hiring a cleaning company, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business and your guests, while the professionals will focus on keeping your

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The national average cost of End of tenancy cleaning in London and Uk between is £17-£35 per hour per cleaner. The total price depends on the size of the home, type of cleaning and where you live. A three-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot home costs £150 to £350 to clean on average, while a one-bedroom apartment starts at £125 to £300 while deep cleaning service would be charged at a rate of £14p/h to £35 per hour  this will depend on the area and number of toilets and bathrooms in your property. However, the overall average cost of house cleaning is £165.

End of Tenancy cleaning cost for A house in London

Studio Flat Cost £ 90 – £ 158,while 1 Bedroom House  will cost between £138 – £ 398 ,2 Bedroom House cost – £ 155 – £ 380 4-5 Bedroom House – here is the price for cleaning is between £ 185 and £ 525, falling an average of £ 370. While 6+ Bedroom House  – if you live or have a large area, you should also prepare for the highest cost of cleaning.For 6+ bedrooms it will cost £ 498-£900 depending on the location.

Cost of Flat/ Apartment Cleaning in London

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Commercial End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

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End of Tenancy cleaning price and how much the cleaners charge and cost in London and Uk are estimated depending on geographical locations. The average cost for house End of tenancy cleaning a small 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in London would be in the bracket of £135at £20-£25p/h for standard cleaning and £90 -£140 for End of Tenancy clean. For a large 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment cleaning, prices start at £90 at £14p/h for standard cleaning and cost up to £250-£450 or more for a deep or End of Tenancy cleaning. The average hourly rates for House cleaning in London and Uk are between £12-£13 per hour for routine cleaning while a one-off deep cleaning service would be charged at a rate of £16 p/h to £35 per hour. Get free estimates for End of tenancy and house cleaners near you in London.

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Most End of Tenancy  cleaning companies in London charge by the hour or by number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but some charge by the square foot. The more square footage to be cleaned, the higher your overall costs will be. A company may charge different rates per square foot depending on the type of cleaning service they are providing.

  • Studio Flat – varies between £ 95 – £ 150, with an average price of £ 135.
  • 1-2 Bedroom Flat – for one bedroom in london the End of Tenancy will cost between £120-£140 while 2 Bedroom End ofTenancy cleaning in London  will  cost  between £ 138 – £ 315 which is an average of £ 280.
  • 2-3 Bedroom House – for medium sized two or three bedroom house in London will cost £, with a slight increase – £ 158 – £ 380 average £ 350.
  • 4-5 Bedroom House –The Cost for End of tenancy cleaning here is between £ 185 and £ 530, falling an average of £ 400.
  • 6+ Bedroom House – if you live or have a large area, you should also prepare for the highest cost of cleaning. It is also not striking, given that it is a lot of effort and time. For 6+ bedrooms, the hygiene will start at £ 230, with an average price tag of £ 415.


Great news! The cost to hire a residential cleaner near you doesn’t vary much by region or state, with most areas close to the national average of $170. That being said, house cleaning costs may be higher based on the living expenses in a given area. It’s also true that cleaning costs may inch up in areas that tend to have larger homes with multiple bedrooms and baths rather than more compact apartments and condos. 

Cleaners with different experience levels will also charge differently. Here are some examples of house cleaning costs around the U.S.:

Los Angeles$115–$220
New York$115–$235


End of tenancy cleaning also referred to us move out cleaning service is deep cleaning the apartment or house after your tenancy period has ended and it is time to hand over the place back to the landlord or estate agents. It is an ethical act and standard process. it is also the responsibility of the tenant to hand back the house to the landlord or estate agent in the same condition it was before the end of tenancy cleaning normally consists of a thorough deep cleaning of the whole house including kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. All surfaces are wiped down, floors cleaned, tiles, carpets, walls, and windows will need to be cleaned to a high standard. Dusting down the property and removing cobwebs in all the corners and ceiling. Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines will also need to be cleaned inside and out.

The pricing of the cleaning service is based on various factors, and it depends a lot on the tasks you set for the experts. Whether it is a Full End of Tenancy Cleaning, cleaning individual appliances or professional Carpet Cleaning or oven cleaning services. If you think that you will not be able to deal with all this to a good standard yourself, then there are tenancy cleaners who will provide you with  quality move out cleaning services like 

When you are renting, there are different requirements you need to follow which can be found on your inventory notes. bear in  mind thats when renting a home, it must be left in the same condition as when initially rented to you. It is not necessary that the final cleaning of the property should be done by a professional end of tenancy company, however many owners use such services before renting and demand the same from tenants at the time of moving out. 

In most cases, you can do the task yourself, but it will cost you a lot of time, financial resources to buy a number of products, equipment, and a lot of effort. It is possible to face a crisis as well – for example, stains on the carpet, an overly dirty oven, etc.



How much does the end of tenancy cleaning cost for per hour will be in the bracket of £17 -£35 per hour a small 1, bedroom in  London would be in the bracket of £120-£1340 with some companies charging on an hourly rate at £17-£35ph for End of Tenancy or house cleaning service. For a large 3-bedrooms,2-bathrooms house or apartment cleaning price will start at £90 at £14p/h-20p/h and cost up to £220 or more for a deep clean, move out and End of Tenancy cleaning service. The average hourly rates for house cleaning in Chelsea, London are between £12p/h-£17 per hour for routine cleaning while deep cleaning service would be charged at a rate of £14p/h to £25 per hour. Get your free house or End of tenancy cleaning estimate by reaching us on 02082438675/07704499*** for domestic house cleaners near London

End of tenancy cleans are generally done by a team of cleaners rather than a single cleaner. This way, they can spread out through the home and tackle more spaces at once. This is partly why costs of End of Tenancy clean are higher than a standard clean. More workers are needed for the job, and the rate is usually calculated by the hour for each cleaner. The normal hourly rate is £25 to £60 an hour. If you have two cleaners, it will be £50 to £120 an hour, but two cleaners will get the job done more quickly than one cleaner.

To give you an appropriate price, companies provide a free of charge estimate before the appointment. At the estimate, the cleaners look at the overall size of the home and determine the amount of time the space will take to clean. For instance, a neglected home will be at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. For a 2,000 square foot home, you will usually have 2 to 3 cleaners for a cost of between £200 and £600 on average.



Cleaning companies use different methods to determine the cost of a deep clean. Some charge by the hour, per cleaner, while others charge per square foot. Some start with the basic cost of a general clean, then add on specific costs for individual deep cleaning services. On average, the End of Tenancy cleaning  price per sq.ft. is £0.10 to £0.50 per square foot to deep clean your home. In general, you can get an idea of your deep cleaning service cost by the size of your home. In the table below, you will find some of the average measurements for a house.For larger homes, companies may send several people to clean so that it takes less time. This will still have a higher cost, however, because each person is paid by the hour.

SizeTime to CleanAverage Cost
<1,000 sq.ft.1.5 – 3 Hours$60 – $185
1,000 sq.ft.2 – 3 Hours$100 – $300
1,200 sq.ft.2.25 – 3.25 Hours$120 – $360
1,500 sq.ft.2.5 – 3.5 Hours$150 – $450
1,700 sq.ft.3 – 4 Hours$170 – $510
2,000 sq.ft3.5 – 4.5 Hours$200 – $600
2,500 sq.ft.4 – 5 Hours$250 – $750
3,000 sq.ft.4.5 – 5.5 Hours$300 – $900
3,500 sq.ft.5 – 6 Hours$350 – $1,050
4,000 sq.ft.6.5 – 7.5 Hours$400 – $1,200
5,000 sq.ft.7.5 – 8.5 Hours$500 – $1,500
6,000 sq.ft.8.5 – 9.5 Hours$600 – $1,800
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Because End of Tenancy cleaning only happens when you moving in or out of your property it takes a bit of time and costs more than a basic cleaning. They will deep clean floors, furniture and upholstery, polish cabinets and wood accents, wash walls, and clean curtains, among other tasks. It can be booked a few weeks or days when your moving in or out of your property. The table below explains the cost range per visit for a wide range of house styles.

Type of HouseCost per Visit
Studio£99 – £190
 House£125 – £580
Cottage£120- £580
Duplex£128 – £780
Apartment/Flats£99 – £700
Townhouse£99 – £600
Villa£125 – £300
Flat£100 – £600
Loft£100 – £600
Mobile Home£120 – £380
Bungalow£150 – £580
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A professional cleaning service charges between £128 and £480 to end of tenancy clean a house in one visit, depending on the size of the house and the services requested. They usually dust, wash windows, and clean counters, as well as deeper cleaning tasks. These tasks often include scrubbing floors, cleaning carpets, and polishing baseboards.


Studion flats  have small square footage and cost between £99 and £290 for End of Tenancy cleaning. It can be a challenge due to the small spaces. For example, a traditional carpet cleaner may not fit inside a tiny space. A special hand-held carpet cleaner may be required. In general, tiny homes are designed so that most surfaces are wiped down and cleaned during a basic session. They may vacuum out vents, clean window tracks, and remove items for a thorough dusting.


The cost to End of Tenancy  clean a cottage in London  will be between £150 and £580, depending on the tasks requested and the size of the cottage. Because most cottages are vacation homes in rural areas, on lakes, and near beaches, special attention is usually given to floors. Deep cleaning a vacation home can be less time intensive because a family is not living there full time.


For a one-time End of tenancy clean of one side of a duplex in London, expect to spend £99 to £380. It is similar to deep cleaning a traditional one-story home. The cleaner will scrub the floors, wash the walls, wipe the windows, dust the ceiling fans, and clean the baseboards. If you want to have both sides of a duplex cleaned, expect to spend double the cost.


Because flats or apartments range widely in size and end of tenancy cleaning cost ranges between £125 and £480+. Rental apartments are generally deep cleaned between tenants. It usually focuses on carpets, walls, and surfaces. The cost of cleaning an apartment while a family is living in it may be more than an empty apartment. This is because it has to take place around the family belongings, adding more time to the session.


The average end of tenancy cleaning cost  for a townhouse ranges between £130 and £600 per session. It consists of the traditional tasks, but they will also deep clean stairways and stair tread carpeting. Townhouse owners can choose their end of tenancy cleaning tasks to fit their specific needs. When considering what tasks to choose, pay attention to high traffic areas on the ground floor.


The cost for End of Tenancy cleaning a villa generally costs between £150 and £380 per session. It costs less than a townhouse because it is only one level. General tasks for a villa include flooring, walls, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and windows. A professional service can help determine what tasks are necessary for a villa.


Most Commercial End of Tenancy cleaning will cost between £180 and £5000 per session. However, some commercial properties are quite large and may require more time line warehouse,supermarkets,Retail shops and restaurantd and hotels. Because most commercial properties are located in industrial places or in middle of city areas the process may focus on floors and windows. Remote  locations will probably be limited in cleaning services available. Be prepared to pay a higher cost to compensate for the cleaner’s travel time to and from the location where is property is located.


Deep cleaning services for a loft cost between £100 and £600, depending on the size of the loft. The services provided focus on the floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures, and appliances. For example, a loft with industrial beams may require a dusting of the beams during a session. Traditional services, such as carpet cleaning, will still apply to a loft.


A one-time End of tenancy  cleaning of a mobile home can cost between £130 and £500. Modern mobile homes are very similar to traditional homes. The cost depends on the size of the mobile home and the services requested. They will clean ceiling fans and light features, deep clean tile and grout, and shampoo carpets, among other commonly requested tasks. Older mobile homes often feature unique paneling walls that may require to be specially cleaned.


Cleaning companies services charge between £158 and £550 to End of Tenancy clean a bungalow in one visit. It is very similar to all other styles of home. However, it may extend to the large front porch. Professionals will deep clean a bungalow porch by dusting away cobwebs, clean the front door and windows, wash the porch, and wipe down all outdoor furniture, railings, and surfaces, among other tasks.


The type of home you own factors the most into how much you’ll  pay to clean when you move out from top to bottom. Most properties can be end of tenancy cleaned at a cost from £95 to £340 per visit. Companies can estimate how long workers will take to clean the house based on total umber of bedrooms and bathrooms,the size of your kitchen and location of your property. For example, a company may be able to deep clean a studio apartment within two to three hours, while a larger home may need a full eight or more hours to clean with a team of two or more housekeepers. This means the three-bedroom house end of tenancy cleaning price differs from the two-bedroom apartment cost and so on. The following are the averages you’ll pay when you hire a company for a deep cleaning of a home.

Studio£95 – £200
1 Bed 1 Bath£128 – £220
2 Beds 1 Bath£158 – £250
2 Beds 2 Baths£138 – £260
3 Beds 1 Bath£158 – £370
3 Beds 2 Baths£180 – £400
4 Beds 3 Baths£250 – £580
Additional Rooms+£25 – £40


The numbe of rooms you need to have a end of tenancy clean tackle in the home affect the cost of the job. Bathrooms and kitchens take longer than other rooms because they are more frequently used and require additional attention. Before receiving a quote from company, they want to know the total number of certain rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms. On average, each room in  the house will cost between £35 and £480 to  clean. The following are the average cost by room that a housekeeper charges.


Laundry rooms are normally  one of the messier rooms in the home. However, since the room is usually compact, deep clean pricing starts at £35 to £50. The laundry room may have doubled as a mudroom, causing caked dirt to collect on the flooring and walls. During the process, the flooring and walls would be cleaned. The appliances may be pulled out to get rid of dirt and debris behind the machines, and the inside of the washer and dryer should also be cleaned. The company also cleans baseboards and corners in the laundry room during the visit.


Typically, it costs between £35 – £70 to deep clean a home office. Much like deep cleaning a regular bedroom, it involves moving furniture around and thoroughly removing dirt and debris from floors and carpets. Cleaners pay close attention to skirtings, windowsills,windows,curtains, and anything else in the room that collects dust and dirt over time.


Each bedroom costs around £45 to £70 each to clean, with the final price determined by the size of the room and how many pieces of furniture are located in the space. If it will  involve the cleaner moving furniture pieces around to get rid of dust and cobwebss. For general cleaning of a bedroom, only visible surfaces are cleaned by the service provider. With a deep cleaning, the professional moves furniture pieces around to vacuum and mop the area. The cleaner vacuums under the bed to remove any dirt and debris. Also, cobwebs will be removed from corners, and the edge of carpets will be cleaned. Blinds and ceiling fans are dusted during the visit. Vents may be cleaned to remove dust buildup.


The cost to End of tenancy clean of a living room is moderately priced between £50 and £150. With living rooms cleaning will require,  rearrange furniture to clean under couches and chairs. Television stands may be pulled away from the wall to clean any debris behind. Upholstery can be vacuumed and scrubbed. Cobwebs in the corners will be dusted away, and the cleaners will focus on removing dirt from molding and baseboards. Extra dusting of surfaces will be done during End of Tenancy clean of a living room.dusting of Lampshades  as well as any vents, picture frames and skirting will be individually cleaned. Window and window seals incluidng all the  blinds are cleaned to high starndard.


A garage End of Tenancy cleaning is a specialized task that costs between £70 to £145. Depending on what you want to be done, reach out to the company to discuss potential service options. Hiring a company to clean the garage could be the perfect opportunity for a homeowner to take clutter out of the garage and potentialy make some money by selling the unwanted staff while moving out.  approximately , if you opt for a traditional deep cleaning, a professional removes company can help remove any clutter and helps you organize items. The floor may be swept and scrubbed to remove dirt, debris and cobwebs. If you have any appliances in the garage, such as freezers or refrigerators, they may also be cleaned.


The cost to End of Tenancy clean the kitchen in a home will be between £75-£135 and will invlove  scrubing of multiple appliances. Refrigerators,oven,inside and outside of the drawers  Removing grease and grime from ovens and range tops are part of a deep kitchen clean. One of the challenges involves accessing areas behind your appliances, and remove all dirt and dust, . surfaces are are wiped down during a general kitchen kitchen floor and cabinets and partly cleanig of the walls.


Bathrooms are typically one of the most expensive rooms and takes long to clean  and range between £80 to £160 to clean. The reason is because of the number of fixtures that need to be deep cleaned moved and sanatiszed. During the process, special attention is paid to toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs. Shower mirors and doors may requre descaling, and the grout scrubbed to remove grime and mildew. Caulk around the tub and toilet may also be cleaned to remove any mildew stains. neglected areas will be targeted, such as light fixtures and vent fans. All permanent and non-permanent fixtures will be disinfected in the bathroom, including toilets, wastebaskets, and countertops. Hard to reach areas will be cleaned during the visit, including behind the toilet including all windows and mirrors.


The cost to End of Tenancy clean  a basement  will be between £115 -£400 this will depend  on the type of basement you have in the home  The price to deep clean this space varies since it is usually large with a wider variety of tasks that can be done based on how yours is set up. For example, a basement may be  cleaned in a similar way to a living room which will require scrubbing of all the  flooring  or vacuumed with extra attention paid to corners. Furnishings in the room may also be vacuumed. Surfaces would be wiped down and sanitized. Furniture may be moved if needed. An unfinished basement deep cleaning will be similar to a deep cleaning in the garage. Storage solutions may be considered.  Flooring can be swept and mopped. Windows in the basement may be cleaned including the removals of all the cobwebs and many more.


On average, the cost to end of tenancy clean the attics will be between £155 to £480 .Unlike others cleaning services  like basements, this project varies greatly due to the size and variety of tasks. Even though most attic spaces are used for storage and are often not seen by guests, you should still keep them as clean as possible. Dust and mold in your attic can negatively impact the air quality of your entire home by seeping through attic doors,  regularly cleaning of your attic every can reduce the cost when its time to move out . The cleaning will include dusting, vacuuming, decluttering, wiping down surfaces, checking and cleaning the  insulation, and cleaning any windows and window seals ans skirting boards.


Move out cleaning is a special thorough cleaning done when your tenancy has come to an end and will cost at the rates of between £100 and £210 for an apartment and go up to £200 to £650 for a larger single-family home and this will depend with the location and the number of bedrooms in your is generally recommended to get a deep clean done on the property, particularly if you rent as most Landlords or estate agents expect the property to be at a set cleaning standard when your moving out, to receive your full deposit back. Tenants should check the lease before moving out to check any information on cleaning, in case it says what needs to be cleaned or paid for to be cleaned before the move. This may also be part of your real estate contract. . Also, you may want to hire someone to deep clean a house before moving in. 

During a move out and move in deep cleaning services, all surface areas will be wiped down.skirting boards are scrubbed to remove any stains and smudges. Light fixtures will be dusted. The inside of appliances, including ovens and refrigerators, will be deep cleaned. Cobwebs in the corners of the rooms will be dusted away,all wimndows and window seals will be cleaned,lime scales will be removed from bath tubs and all mirrors.The good thing is that the cost to  clean an empty house will be less than a deep clean of a fully-furnished residence. A move in deep cleaning cost is similar since the space should be empty too. 

What to Do Before the Cleaners Arrive

Before the cleaners arrive to deep clean your home, it is best to take steps to ensure that the areas you want cleaned are ready and accessible. This includes picking up items off the floors, clearing clutter from countertops, and washing any dirty dishes you have in the sink. This frees up the cleaners to focus on the deeper cleaning.

If you need furniture to be moved to make cleaning easier, keep in mind that not every company includes this in their basic estimate. Some companies will not move furniture at all, and in this case, you may want to move it ahead of time to give them access. Other companies charge a fee per piece of furniture moved, usually around $5 to $25, depending on the size. This is added to your final cost.

The companies let you know if supplies are required. Some businesses ask that the homeowner supply cleaning products, mops, and brooms. If you rather the company uses their own, you may be charged a fee of $20 or more.

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End of tenancy cleaning is important for receiving your full deposit back, more than 60% of End of tenancy deposit disputes are as a result of a property not being thoroughly cleaned by the end of you moving out. Tenants can  choose their desired cleaning companies depending on the inventory or do it themselves, the landlord can request the same level of hygiene as it was documented in your moving in inventory.
If you choose to do your own cleaning remember to check inventory as a guide and ensure the property is fully cleaned set yourself time spring or deep cleaning take a lot of time and if not done properly the landlord can sometimes deduct part of your deposit to cover the cleaning cost.
If you intend to hire a cleaning company for your end of tenancy cleaning you should be wary of bad decisions
-Make sure your work is done and will suffice for reclaiming your money back.
You can contact if you need help with your end of tenancy cleaning.
most companies charge
1 Studio Rooms-£120
2 One bedroom- £145
3 Two bedroom- 180
4 three bedroom- £200
5 four bedroom- £250
companies will charge based on the size and number of bedrooms.

Cleaning is no fun – we get it. There are a hundred other things you’d rather do (and need to do). But a messy house is bad news. For starters, a messy home increases your stress level. When you are surrounded by clutter, it can distract you from what you should be focusing on. It can also keep you from finding the things you need quickly (ever lose your keys?), and it can make you feel guilty and overwhelmed.

If you have kids, the challenge is multiplied. Sometimes it can seem impossible to keep your home neat and organised when there are other people making messes, but it can be done. Teaching your kids to keep their belongings organised and help with the household chores may sometimes seem like a one step forward, two steps back proposition, but it’s well worth it.

Putting systems in place to keep your house neat and organised can make a world of difference in your stress level and your quality of life.

Benefits of Having a Clean House

  1. Your house will always be clean! Okay, this sounds obvious. But just think about it. You’ll wake up in the morning or come home from work to a peaceful, clean, organised space – doesn’t that sound nice?
  2. Your life really will be less stressful. When you spend a little time each day maintain your clean home, you never have to spend hours getting it from hopelessly messy back to clean. You’ll be able to find what you need, and you’ll be able to do things like cook, get ready for work, and relax without the stress of clutter in your way.
  3. Your home will be more aesthetically pleasing. Keeping your home clean means it will always look its best. Remember that feeling you had when you first fell in love with your home and knew you wanted to buy (or rent) it? Keep that feeling by keeping your space neat. Plus, you won’t have to panic when unexpected guests show up at your door.
  4. You will spend less time cleaning. Keeping your home clean is much easier than cleaning it when it’s dirty. A few minutes here and there can save your hours every weekend. Don’t wait – go ahead and wash those dishes, run the vacuum cleaner, or give the toilet a quick swishing with the brush. This is time you won’t spend cleaning later.
  5. You’ll prevent pest infestations. Besides enjoying the comforts of a clean home, you also won’t invite pests. Clean up messes as soon as they happen, don’t leave dishes or full trash cans around, and don’t let clutter pile up, and you won’t be nearly as likely to have a pest problem on your hands.
  6. You’ll extend the life of your home’s materials. Some materials will last longer if you keep them clean. For instance, cleaning you carpets regularly keeps them looking and smelling newer and cleaner longer.
  7. Your home will be safer for children. Actually, it will be safer for everyone. No clutter means fewer tripping hazards; there also won’t be harmful substances sitting around that a small child could get into.
  8. You’ll be able to find what you need, when you need it. One of the most useful tricks for keeping your home clean is to designate a place for everything. This makes clean-up a breeze and also means you’ll always know exactly where to look for whatever you need.
  9. You’ll be promoting good health and hygiene. Keeping your living space clean and organised ensures it is safe and non-hazardous.
  10. You’ll keep dust and other allergens out of your home. Regular cleaning keeps your home free of dust and makes it a much better environment overall for your family, particularly anyone with allergies.

Make Cleaning Easier (& Quicker!)

Maintaining cleanliness makes your home a calming, safe, enjoyable place to be. There are several ways to make regular cleaning easier. Try:

  • Keeping a set of cleaning supplies in every bathroom to make quick touch-ups super easy
  • Keeping a vacuum cleaner upstairs and one downstairs so you don’t have to lug it up and down
  • Lining the bottom of your oven with foil – when the foil gets dirty, simply throw it out and replace it
  • Before you toss old toothbrushes, use them to scrub sink drains
  • Making doing the dishes right after dinner a regular part of the routine; take turns with other family members, or make a rule that whoever doesn’t help cook dinner loads the dishwasher
  • Making your bed the moment you get out of it

Every once in a while your home will need a deeper cleaning. Don’t wait for spring to “spring clean” – do it when you have time and are motivated to, regardless of the time of year. Set aside a weekend or two, enlist the help of your family, and get it done. Then, continue your small daily cleaning habits to keep enjoying your clean, neat, organised house for the rest of the year.

Did you know that the key to a happy, productive and prosperous life starts in the bedroom?

After all, it is where you begin and conclude every day, so keeping that sacred room clean, tidy and organized is vital.

A made bed, a tidy closet and a pile-free floor will do more than just make you feel good – they’ll change your life.

That may seem like a bold claim, but productivity experts, happiness researchers and the National Sleep Foundation all agree that a well-kept bedroom can pay off.

Reason 1: You’ll Be More Social

Let’s face it, if you’re embarrassed about the state of your bedroom, you’re not likely to invite anyone over to see it. An unmade bed, clothes strewn across the floor and an overflowing laundry basket aren’t exactly signals that you’re ready for company. In fact, being down right ashamed of your bedroom might put you off having people over all together

An unmade bed can lead to a general embarrassment about the state of your home. Photo: Trendenser

Eva Selhub, M.D. and author of Your Health Destiny: How to Unlock Your Natural Ability to Overcome Illness, Feel Better, and Live Longer writes that “disorganization can lead to shame and embarrassment and actually create a physical and emotional boundary around you that prevents letting people in.”

When company calls to come over, you want to be able to accept with confidence and enjoy the spontaneity of unplanned guests. So keep it clean, because let’s be honest – ain’t nothin’ sexy about a mess.

Reason 2: You’ll Get to Work On Time

Do you find yourself shouting “where’s my shoe?” and “I have nothing to wear!” every morning? Are you rummaging through a pile of partly clean, partly dirty articles of clothing, watching the minutes tick by in a frenzy to get to work? How will you ever make it out the door on time if you can’t find where anything is?

Keeping your bedroom closet organized will help you get out the door faster.

Keeping your bedroom tidy will streamline your morning. When you have an organized scope of what’s in your closet, where your belongings are and what you need to get ready in the morning, you’ll cut that frantic scamper down considerably.

You aren’t exactly setting the tone for a good day with a run in your hose, your skirt tucked into your underwear, or mismatched socks because you spent 20 minutes looking for that blouse you really wanted to wear and then panicked.

Reason 3: You’ll Be More Productive

If you leave your bedroom without making your bed, you’re basically sabotaging your day. It really is the first organizational task of a day and the first mission you can accomplish. If you don’t cross it off the list, you’re not setting a good example for yourself and the day ahead.

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Making your bed can make you a more productive person. Photo: ThinkStock

According to Charles Duhigg’s, author of “The Power of Habit”, making your bed every morning is directly correlated with higher levels of productivity and overall happiness. Ending your day by putting away your clothing and starting it with the simple task of making your bed will actually shape you into a more productive person, he argues.

Habits like these make you feel like you’re put together, on top of things and ready for the day’s challenges. A clear, organized mind is a productive mind and organizing the environment around you right from the get-go, will facilitate a feeling of preparedness and control.

Jackie Ashton from Apartment Therapy took it upon herself to test out Duhigg’s theory on bed-making and productivity, and found that she was reaping the benefits in a short, 10 day trial period.

“Making my bed inspires me to get my kids to make their beds. Which inspires me to get them to clean their rooms. Which inspires me to do the laundry, the dishes, and to pick up abandoned stuffed animals, dropped underwear (theirs! not mine), and newspapers-turned-light-sabers as I corral my two toddlers out the door to school.” Ashton says.

“I look at my watch to see that it is 8am and the house is an unusual shade of clean before coffee. I’m smiling.

Well, Jackie, we’re inspired too!

Reason 4: You’ll Be Less Stressed

Your bedroom should be a peaceful retreat. It should be a room in which you feel soothed, sexy and settled – three things you’ll never achieve sleeping in a space that looks like 10 pre-schoolers on a sugar-high ran through it.

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Creating a bedroom that is a peaceful sanctuary will do wonders in reducing your stress levels. Photo: HGTV

Remember, you start and finish your day in your bedroom. It is the first thing you see, and the last, and if what you see is messy, dirty and unorganized, you’ll feel more unsettled and stressed out.

Calm your nerves and your mind by keeping your bedroom tranquil. When coming home tired and worn out, there’s nothing nicer than walking in and seeing your cozy, comfy bed made and waiting for you. It has an instantly calming effect and warrants a big beautiful sigh of relief.

Reason 5: You’ll Have Higher Self Esteem

As trivial as it may seem, the feeling of accomplishment you get when you make your bed in the morning, means a great deal. Beyond just helping set a productive tone for the day, it’s also a little opportunity to feel proud of yourself.

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Every little accomplishment counts when it comes to building your self esteem. One such accomplishment is making your bed. Photo: Mad About the House

Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling book “The Happiness Project,” found when researching her book on the key to happiness, that the making of a bed was “the number one most impactful change that people brought up over and over.“

If starting your day with a quick, two-minute task can lead to increased happiness, then it seems foolish to skip it. Because, as silly as it may seem, sometimes you just need a little pat on the back, even if you have to reach around and give it yourself.

Reason 6: You’ll Have Better Habits 

Good habits beget good habits. Making your bed leads to keeping your bedroom clean, which leads to a clean car and a clean desk. When you set the tone for your day the way you would like your day to unfold, chances are you’ll be able to follow through.

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Keep your clothing off the floor – it will breed better habits throughout your day. Photo: Centsational Girl

In his book, Duhigg talks about what he calls “keystone habits.” Chris Bailey, in a piece written for A Life of Productivity, explains that “keystone habits create a chain reaction; changing and rearranging your other habits as you integrate the (keystone) habit into your life.”

Making your bed or putting away your clothing can both have that effect. Durigg believes that creating these keystone habits helps other habits to flourish by creating new structures, and establishing cultures where change becomes contagious.“ 

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Isn’t it funny how one dirty fork left in the sink, suddenly amounts to a giant stack of unwashed dishes? Cleaning the fork right away is the easiest way to avoid the huge mess that ensues when you get lazy.

As they, “a stitch in time, saves nine,” don’t you know.

Reason 7: You’ll Look Better

Because a decluttered bedroom leads to lower stress levels, you’ll go to bed with a clearer mind and therefore sleep more restfully. It is no great revelation that a restful night’s sleep is the key to looking refreshed and replenished.

According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundationpeople who made their beds every morning were 19% more likely to get a good night’s sleep, and 75% of people surveyed noted that sleeping on clean, fresh sheets meant an even better night’s rest, due to a higher level of comfort and feeling of well-being.

It is clear that a clean, organized space leads to a more rested, and therefore beautiful, you.

So, tonight when you head to bed, take the time to fold your clothing, sort your laundry and tidy up, and when you wake in the morning, be sure to make your bed – your happiness depends on it!



The average cost to paint the interior of a house  is £1 to £3 per square foot. Painters charge £750 to £5000 to paint the walls in a house interior, and the cost to paint a room is £350 to £950. Prices increase when including the ceilings, baseboards, and trim. Get free estimates from interior painters near you or view our cost guide below.


If you are in need of painters and decorators in London for a house or a room, then look no further. With the fast pace of London’s city life, our team of reliable professionals will work around the clock to make sure that your project is completed on time 


 Our painters and decorators in London are on hand to help you redecorate your home work space. Providing you with an environment that will help you to become more productive when working from home or office.


Our aim is to turn your house into your dream home. We will liaise with you at every stage of the process, to make sure that our work aligns with your vision. From small touch ups to whole house redecoration, no job is considered out of the scope of our experienced team


Painters charge £1 to £3 per square foot to paint a room or interior of a house. The average cost to paint a room is £350 to £950, and the cost to paint a home interior is £1,200 to £5,900. Labor costs alone account for 70% to 85% of your total paint job.Painting and decorating is one of those tasks that many DIYers believe they can do themselves until they see the poor quality of their work. It’s difficult to get a high-quality finish that professional decorators achieve, but that’s because they have training and years of experience behind them. The nature of painting and decorating projects means the average cost can vary massively, with common costs ranging from £400 – £6,000. That said, the average painters and decorator’s day rate is around £190-£250 per day depending on the location.

Our clients are the most important people in our firm. Clients are not dependent on us, we are dependent on them. Our clients do not interrupt our work, they are the purpose of it.

Hiring a professional painter and decorator in London or Uk can also save you time and In general, painters and decorators tend to charge between £160 and £240 per day and this is excluding materials. However, most professional painters and decorators charge based on the number and size of rooms.Painting a small or medium size 1-bedroom flat with a bedroom,lounge/diner, kitchen, and bathroom typically costs between £750 and £1,500.Expect to pay more if you have a larger 2-bed flat or house, painting the interior can cost anywhere from £1,500 to £2,500.

On the other hand painting a 3-bed house can generally expect to pay from between £2,400 and £3,500 to paint the bedrooms, lounge/diner, kitchen, and bathroom and will depend entirely with the size and location of your property. If you live in 4-bed house, the cost to paint your home usually ranges from £3,300 to £4,500.For homeowners  living in large, 5-bedroom homes, painting can cost anywhere from £4,200 to £6,100 or more.

. It can take anywhere from  between 2 to 15 working days to paint a house, depending on the size of your home, the level of preparation required, and whether you’ve hired an individual or a team of painters.However,our professional painters and decorators in London are skilled in preparing walls and woodwork for painting, and their experience has helped them develop their technique so that you get an excellent result.


RoomAverage Cost
Interior Door£75 – £150
Bedroom£350 – £850
Master Bedroom£650 – £1,400
Bathroom£150 – £400
Kitchen£150 – £250
Living Room£600 – £2,000
Apartment / Condo£900 – £3,000
1,500 SF House£1,300 – £4,400
2,000 SF House£1,600 – £5,600
2,500 SF House£1,800 – £6,300


As with most trades, costs vary wildly across the Uk regions, with painters and decorators in the south typically charging higher rates than those in other locations with London charging slightly more the average cost being between £160- £240 per day and £25 to£35 per hour, while in Brighton the average is even higher at £195 – £230 per day and  £30-£55 per hour.However, in a places like Manchester region you could hire an expert for less, with the average at £135-£200 per day and £20 to£30 per hour, and in Sheffield the average is an even more reasonable £130- £145 per day and £15- £17 per hour.


1-bed flat £750 to £1,350 1 to 3 days
2-bed flat or house £1,300 to £2,200 2 to 5 days
3-bed house £2,300 to £2,800 5 to 7 days
4-bed house £2,300 to £4,000 7 to 10 days
5-bed house £4,000 to £6,200 10 to 15 days

15% Off your First Booking.

Book a painter Near you Today and Get 15% Off Today. With a comprehensive range of interior and exterior painting solutions, our aim is to make sure all our customers are left satisfied from the beginning of the job, through to completion. The technical expertise and knowhow of our local painters and decorators in London will help you to maintain your property in great condition for years to come


The cost to paint inside a house can be estimated by the number of bedrooms. Painting all the walls inside a house costs £1,000 to £3,000, while a full house interior runs £4,000 to £10,000 on average.


The average cost to paint a medium-size room of (3m x 3.3m) is £225 – £550 will be between £250 – £550 lasting up to 2 days while it will cost between £150 -£200 per day to paint a room. painting a room of size  (2.1m x 2.2m) will cost between £250- £500, a room of approximate size (6.1m x 5m) will cost in the range of £450- £680 and will take between 1- 2-days to complete, to repaint walls only (not woodwork) in the downstairs hallway, upstairs landing and stair area will cost between £680 – £780  this may normally take up to two days, including preparation and a first coat, the cost to wallpaper a room assuming the walls are straight with no existing wallpaper to remove. Customer supplying own wallpaper will cost between £850 -£1000. and a second coat the following day when the first has dried, the cost of painting a single medium-sized room will cost around £400 for the labour.

The cost of the paint itself will also need to be factored into your budget. The cost for different paints can range quite widely depending on the quality, colour and finish, from around £8-£10 for 5 litres, up to £50 and above for high-end brands.



The average labor cost to paint a room is £180 to £650, which typically makes up 70% to 85% of your total cost. Painters charge £1 to $3 per square foot of coverage area for room painting or £20 to £50 per hour for smaller projects.

ChargeAverage Cost
Per Square Foot£1 – £4
Per Room£180 to £650
Per Hour£20 – £50

cost to paint a house in london


Hiring a local painter and decorator is also a great way to avoid DIY nightmares and stress. When you get prices from painters be aware that they assume that you will remove all furniture from the room and there is no wallpaper to be stripped. House painting quotes will also assume that only very minor repairs are needed to the existing wall and woodwork before painting, so small cracks in plaster or chips in woodwork are fine, but large holes or crumbling plaster need to be prepared before you can paint over it! As standard, professional painters will apply two coats to walls and ceiling, plus an undercoat and then gloss to woodwork. You will need several tins of paints depending on the typical size of the room, so bear this in mind. majority of painters and decorators may be able to supply your desired product, which can make it cheaper.



Painting a bedroom costs roughly between £330 to £950 for a standard 10-by-12-foot room. This size room will typically need 2 gallons of paint. Bathrooms usually run between £135 and £480. A bathroom doesn’t have much area to paint due to sink,tubs, cabinets, and showers. with a larger master bathroom will cost more to paint. The cost to paint a living room runs from £780 to £2,000 for an average 280-300-square-foot room. The overall cost will increase if there are high ceilings or you decide to add a different paint colour. Kitchens usually cost  less than other rooms due to cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets averages around £30 to £60 per linear foot, or close to £1,000.



The average cost to paint a bathroom is £155 to £450, whereas a large master bathroom runs £250 to £650 depending on the prep work required. Bathroom painting is more costly because of the cut in work around the tub, shower, and vanity, as well as removing towel bars and toilet paper holders.


TypeAverage Cost
Standard Bathroom£150 – £400
Master Bathroom£250 – £650


Take action now .


The average cost to paint an apartment or flat is £800 to £3,000 depending on the number of bedrooms or if it’s a studio. A 900-square-foot one-bedroom apartment costs £900 to £2,500 to paint. Painting a 2-bedroom apartment with 10′ ceilings costs £1,00 to £3,500 on aver.If you’ve only budgeted for painting, you may get a nasty surprise when a painter turns around and explains the amount of additional work they need to do.

For example, damp patches can’t just be painted over with the final colour. These areas will need a sealant added first to ensure the damp doesn’t break through the paint within a few months of application.Similarly, ceilings stained with nicotine will need to be washed with sugar soap before any painting can begin, while any peeling gloss on woodwork will require a ‘burn off’; both of which will take extra time, equalling extra labour fees.


Room SizeDetailsEstimated price quotePrice rangeTime to complete the job
Paint a small size roomRepaint a small size room ,walls and ceiling with two coats of paint. (Excludes the price to repair damaged walls.)£380£250-£4501-2 days
Paint a medium size roomRepainting  medium size rooms,walls and ceiling with two coats of paint (Excluding the price to repair the walls.)£450£450-£5002 days
Paint a double size RoomRepaint  a double room ,walls and ceiling with two coats ofpaint (Excluding the price to repair the damaged walls)£580£450-£6802-3 days
Paint hallway, landing and stairspaint walls only (no woodwork) in the downstairs hallway, upstairs landing and stair areas.(Exluding the price to repair dmaged walls)£650£600-£7203 days
Wallpaper a roomWallpaper a room. price doesn’t include removing the existing wallpaper and  customer supplying own wallpaper.£850£800-£9504 days


The average cost to paint a living room is £650 to £2,000. Prices depend on the size of your living room and the height of the ceilings. Painting an attached dining room or large hallway costs £300 to £1,000 more on average.The living room is an important room in the home, since we all spend a lot of time there, and we also use it to receive guests. If your living room was painted a long time ago, you may want a new colour. This can also brighten up the atmosphere in your living room! If you’d like to have your living room painted but you would like to use a professional painter for this, we can help you get an idea of the costs.



Use this as a guide, not every step will be required but most will:

  • Preparation work such as buying paints and cleaning equipment – 30 mins.
  • Remove furniture and cover the floor with sheets – 15 mins.
  • Clean any grease or nicotine stains from the surfaces with sugar soap – 30 mins.
  • Apply masking tape to protect sensitive areas – 15-30 mins.
  • Rub down timber doors, skirting boards, trims and windowsills – 45 mins.
  • “Cut in” along the ceiling, corners and floor with a brush for a neat finish and use a roller to apply emulsion paint to the remaining wall/ceiling surfaces – 1.5 hours per coat.
  • Apply undercoat to wooden trims/skirts/windowsills/doors – 1.5 hours per coat.
  • Apply top gloss coat to wooden trims/skirts/windowsills/doors – 1.5 hours per coat.
  • Tidy up and place furniture back in the room – 30 mins.

As you can see, the actual painting doesn’t take too long and the preparation work takes nearly as much time.

As a general rule of thumb, a medium-sized room requiring walls, ceiling and timber skirts/trims/sills painting will take between one day and a day and a half.


SizeAverage Cost
Small (200 SF)£650 – £1,000
Average (320 SF)£950 – £1,600
Large (450 SF)£1,500 – £2,000
Type of workAverage price
Painting ceiling in living room (30-70 m²s)250-1500 GBP
Painting wall in living room (15 m²s)250-350 GBP
Painting doors in living room230-1000 GBP
Painting stairs in living room230-550 GBP
Painting window frames in living room340-1800 GBP


The average cost to paint kitchen walls is between £150 to £300 since cabinets, sinks, and appliances occupy most of the wall space. Professional kitchen cabinet painting costs £30 to £60 per linear foot, or between £800 and £3,800 on average.The size of your kitchen correlates to the total surface area that determines your cost to paint kitchen . If you already know that you have a small kitchen, the cost will be on the lower end, but large kitchens with big cabinets will likely cost more. Not only will you need more paint, but you’ll also need more drop cloths to protect the floor and countertops—and you’ll need more time.


The cost to paint kitchen cabinets includes a fair amount of labor fees. On average, kitchen  painters charge £20 to £50 per hour, depending on your location. Sometimes they’ll choose to base their rates on the total linear feet of the cabinets or charge by the door, drawer, and cabinet.


Beyond the essential items that make up kitchen cabinet painting costs, there are a few additional considerations to help you answer the question you might have of “How much do painters charge?” While every project will require site preparation, some cabinets won’t need refacing or repairs, so consider these following factors on a case-by-case basis.


The level of site preparation and primer your project needs will vary, especially if you’ve opted to spray paint the cabinets. Covering every surface is essential to avoid unwanted paint stains on hardwood floors, countertops, sinks, appliances, or vents. This is even more true if you’re using more than one paint color, as you’ll have a second round of site preparation to cover the newly painted areas, too. And again, using a primer as your base coat is essential to ensuring a good bond and color saturation for your preferred paint.


Part of the lengthy process of site preparation is also removing doors and drawers. It’s difficult to properly paint these surfaces when they’re still in place. Removing them and their hardware allows you or a pro to sand them better and paint them more carefully. However, it does take some time, so you’ll need to factor in labor costs for this task.


To get each cabinet surface prepped and painted, you might need to remove your appliances to access hard-to-reach surfaces. Usually, this includes dishwashers or fridges. It can take several days to paint kitchen cabinets, so plan for this situation.


If you’re looking for a professional finish then it’s best to hire a professional painter who knows what they are doing! That being said, if you have the time and patience to tackle the job yourself, all you need is a few basic tools and a day or so to finish the job without hassle or spending any more money than some paint and basic materials.

You may not get the same finish as a professional, but you can get pretty close and save a lot of money! Preparation is the most important part of any painting job, so don’t be tempted to skip those steps, take the time to make sure the walls are prepared properly and the painting itself will be much easier! Start by removing anything in the way, the less clutter, the faster the job will be.

Cover any furniture that is not being removed with old bed sheets and cover your floors with plastic sheeting. If your walls are dirty or dusty, wash with a sponge to remove any dirt or grime, but don’t soak the walls or it will take ages to dry.

Then, use painter’s tape to go around the edges of the room to create a straight edge for your paint along skirting boards, door and window frames, electric sockets and switches. If your walls have any holes or large cracks in the plaster, then these will need to be filled in first using ready-mixed filler and a scraper. Once the filler is dry, use sandpaper to smooth the area ready for painting. Now that the preparation is finished, you can start painting!

For best results use a primer or undercoat as a barrier between the old paint and the new paint, followed by two coats of your final colour. Paint the edges first using a small brush starting with the areas that you taped off, ensuring you do not go over the edge of the tape.

Once your edges are done, use a roller starting in the middle of the wall and rolling away from you in diagonal directions until the wall is fully painted. Wait the appropriate time before starting the next coat and repeat the process. When the final coat of paint has been applied, carefully remove the painter’s tape before the paint is dry, then leave for 8 hours before hanging anything on the wall or moving furniture against the walls.

painting Quotes in London

Room painting checklist

  • Most quotes will assume all furniture will be removed from the room by customer
  • If you want wallpaper removed then this will add extra time and money
  • The vast majority of the cost of painting will be labour
  • Most decorators will include minor repairs to the walls in any quotes
AreaAverage Cost
Walls£150 – £250
Cabinets£800 – £3,800


The average cost to paint a ceiling in London and Uk is £1 to £3 per square foot depending on the type of texture used and the number of coats. A 12’ x 12’ room ceiling costs £140 to £350 to paint on average.

CeilingAverage Cost
Bathroom£50 – £180
Master Bathroom£75 – £300
Bedroom£150 – £300
Master Bedroom£200 – £700
Living Room£250 – £1,000
Kitchen£100 – £500
Open-Plan Basement£4800 – £2,000


The average cost to hang wallpaper in a medium-sized room is typically around £200-£300 in labour this will depend with the size and location of the property with the cost of materials varying depending on which wallpaper you choose. This price just involves hanging wallpaper, it does not involve stripping wallpaper and assumes the wall is in good condition with no preparation work required.

To strip existing wallpaper and hang new wallpaper in a medium sized room, expect to pay around £350-£450 in labour costs.

The standard painter and decorator will often charge around £160-£250 per day in labour for one person and usually £350-£500 if the work involves two people. The job on average will take 1-3 days to complete but may take longer in rooms that are difficult to strip or those which need plaster repair work.

What drives the cost of interior wallpapering up is the time it takes the labourers to remove any old wallpaper or particularly an old paint. If you can spare a few hours to remove this yourself, you can look to save some money off your trade quote.

Interior wallpaper Painting isn’t an easy task to perform and can leave you with a sore back. You might find it more cost effective to hire a Painting Contractor, or a General Contractor like to perform the work for you. Painting contractors or and General Contractors will most always get better prices on premium types of paint — saving your back any additional costs of paint materials, so shop around, ask your neighbors if they can recommend someone.

Paint Wallpaper – Material Prices£80 – £100£120 – £250£170 – £180
Paint Wallpaper – Installation Cost£230 – £300£360 – £400£450 – £530
Paint Wallpaper – Total£305 – £340£485.00 – £600£610 – £705
Paint Wallpaper – Total Average Cost per Square Ft.£3.23£5.17£6.58

When undertaking outdoor painting, it’s important to use masonry paint instead of your regular indoor paint. Masonry paint is specially formulated for external use and will stand up to the elements much better than anything you might use indoors.

Masonry paint can cover brick, concrete and various types of wall rendering, so if you want to change the colour of your property or just freshen up some lacklustre brickwork, embarking on some external painting can be just the answer.


10 sq m room, just Wallpaper£75£1004-6 hours
20 sq m room, just Wallpaper£100£1501 day
30 sq m room, just Wallpaper£130£2251-2 days
50 sq m room, just Wallpaper£160£3001-2 days
10 sq m room, Strip & Hang Wallpaper£75£1501 day
20 sq m room, Strip & Hang Wallpaper£100£3002 days
30 sq m room, Strip & Hang Wallpaper£130£4002-3 days
50 sq m room, Strip & Hang Wallpaper£160£4503 days


 It will cost typically between  £150 – £538 to paint wall[paper and it will  cost  £350 per room to remove wallpaper. The easiest way to stripe off old wallpaper is by using a steamer be prepared for a lot of condensation. A new steamer can cost around £25-£45. It might be a good idea to remove items such as your sofa, or at least place them in the centre of the room and cover them to avoid them getting damp while removing the wallpaper.

The flooring/carpets will also need to be covered to protect them from wallpaper paste and any painting being done at the same time. If getting a decorator in to do the work, you should always check that preparation work such as moving all your furniture is included in the price or not. Most painters & decorators will in fact expect the householder to move all furniture and other items into the centre of the room giving them easy access to the walls ready for them to start work.

Use a spray water bottle with equal parts warm water and white vinegar in a bucket.Score the wallpaper and spray. Leave to soak in and begin to scrape. If you are still finding it difficult then repeat the spraying.


The average cost to paint the interior of a house falls somewhere between £1.50 and £3.50 per square foot. If you’re including the walls and trim plus the ceilings you will likely pay closer to £3-£5. The cost to paint a single room runs between £300 and £850 depending on size. The cost to paint a home interior ranges between £1200-£3900. Labor costs alone account for 70%-85% of your total paint job. If there is damage to the walls that need to be repaired the cost will obviously be higher. These are the average costs if you are paying a professional.If the homeowner choose to tackle the project on their own which can be more cost-effective and cheap.Painting the interior of your house can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give it a fresh look. It can literally increase your property value overnight. So, whether you just recently purchased a new home, or you are looking to refresh the home you have been in for years, new interior paint makes a huge difference and can increase the value of your house or property.

Taking on an interior paint job by yourself will almost always be cheaper. But you need to consider the time it will take you to do the job right. Sometimes you sacrifice quality as well. 

Hiring a professional painter will get you the beautiful end result you are looking for but will certainly end up being more expensive. Take the time to crunch the numbers as well as assessing the time and energy you have available to dedicate to a large home improvement project and decide for yourself which direction to go. If you have any questions about painting the interior of your home, you can always contact the painting professionals 

Our Residential Painters Paint The Following

  House    Semi-Attached    Apartment
  Unit        Town House        Granny Flat
  Sheds    Fence & Gate        Garages


Your home is most likely the most valuable asset you will ever own. Don’t risk your investment with poor quality paints. By choosing only the finest quality paint we make sure your home’s exterior or interior is protected against the harsh elements. But your interior walls also need to be protected too. For example, you may want to create a blackboard wall that your children can draw on without damaging your walls.

Talk to us about your thoughts and ideas. Our experienced team will provide you with options to suit your budget and requirements


Painting or renovating an apartment can be a time-consuming and exhausting undertaking. If you don’t have time and are looking for an affordable contractor to paint your apartment, you’ve come to the right place. At the same time, you don’t have to be afraid of high costs either. Our team of painters is extremely qualified. Nevertheless, we offer our painting services at a very good value.

Our painters, all of whom have a qualified degree, can paint your walls either completely neutral white or add many colour accents if desired. Furthermore, various wiping techniques, etc. are also no problem for our well-trained team. Many people are already desperate at the thought of getting the right material.

This is also no problem for us. We provide all materials from paint, brushes, and rollers to foil and masking tape.


Interior commercial painters charge £2 to £6 per square foot. new commercial construction is less expensive than a lived-in home because it is empty and doesn’t require any preparation work. Generally, costs range from £2,000 to £9,500. The cost estimates depend on the size of the job, location and whether it’s new commercial construction or a repaint. When it comes to new construction, painters come into the picture after all drywall work has been completed. However, the property being empty make it cheap it paint compared to occupied property.


The average cost to paint a door is £130to £300, depending on the size, condition, prep work, options, and number of coats.

The average cost to paint an interior door is £75 to £150.The average cost to paint an exterior door is £100 to £175.

The average cost to paint a front door is £125 to £225.

Both interior and exterior doors look great with a high-shine gloss finish. Providing durability, gloss paint offers enough resilience for even the busiest of family homes. However, because of the high shine, glossing a door correctly takes a lot of skill to get a flawless finish and you can rely on painting team to do that.


The cost to paint an external door typically costs anywhere from £150 to £300, depending on the size of the door, if there’s a glass panel or it’s a solid structure, if sanding or knotting is required, the number of coats and if a primer is required and also if the doors have marks and need to be removed and repaired before painting them.


If your garage door is looking a little worse for wear, then hiring a professional painter to give it a new lease of life is worth the investment.The average cost to buy a new garage door could cost you more than £1,000 -3000 for materials and labour, whereas the cost of painting a garage door is usually around £200-£350 depending on the size of your door and condition.


Door stripping costs tend to start from around £20 per door as a minimum £45.

If your door requires a bit more attention and a simple coat of paint won’t do, you may need your painter and decorator to strip repair and then paint the door.

Typically stripping or dipping is used to take off layers of old paint to take doors, banisters, skirting and window frames back to bare wood to provide a clean surface for painting.

Whilst it can be expensive if you have lots of doors, it does help paint adhere and give a long-lasting finish so its worth the time and money.

Cost to paint a door

COST TO PAINT A ROOM BY TYPE OF PAINT Depending on which room you are painting, you’ll want to choose the right paint for your space. The type of paint will generally impact how well it adheres to your wall and how long it lasts. Additionally, it affects the overall cost of your project. Depending on the type of paint you choose, you can expect to pay between £15 and £60 per gallon. In general, latex-based paints are a great all-around choice due to their durability and customizability and are also one of the healthiest options in terms of indoor air pollution. Oil-based paints are very resilient against water damage and moisture, making them a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. However, they are most prone to chipping and cracking over time so it’s always advisable to choose your paints wisely.


On average, it costs between £2,550 and £6,000 to paint a basement, which is approximately 1,000 square feet. When painting your basement, it’s important to note that it will experience more moisture and the threat of water damage than any other room in your home. For this reason, you’ll want to choose durable, water-resistant paint.


Interior painting for new construction costs £2 to £5 per square foot, new construction is slightly less expensive than a lived-in home. Generally, costs range from £1,500 to £9,500.depending on the size of the house, the heights of the ceilings, the number of colours used, and the level of detail required. Typically, contractors will flat paint and spray the entire home interior with one colour.

commercial painting

Get free Painting estimate – provide top quality painting and decorating services in Greater London and Uk.We paint residential and commercial projects and take pride in quality and service we deliver.Our expert interior painters in London are ready to help with any type of painting and decorating work inside your property.


Many factors affect the cost to paint the inside of a house, including how many rooms you’re painting, the size of each room, the type of paint you use, and more. The average range most people pay to paint the interior of a home is £2,500 to £10,000, with most homeowners paying around £8,700 to paint the interior of an average 2,500 sq. ft. home. However, some people pay as low as £450 to paint a single room ranging from approximately 300 to 400 sq. ft. or as high as £16,000 to paint a 4,000 sq. ft. home When you’re considering the average cost to paint a room in London and Uk, it can be like comparing apples to oranges: The costs will vary depending on a number of factors that are important to consider before making any assumptions about painting costs.


The average cost to paint a room is influenced not only by the size but also by the shape, height and additional features. If there are built-in elements, a lot of trim to work around, a high ceiling or tight spaces, that can all cause the costs to increase.

Beyond the layout, the style of walls can have a significant effect on the costs. If there is wood paneling or heavy texture, it may take more paint and more time to complete the job, which will be reflected by the price.


The two main categories of paints are latex-based and oil-based paints.

Latex-based paints cost an average of £14.99 to £50 per gallon. Latex-based paints can last very long periods of time and perform well in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

Oil-based paints Oil paint has been used for hundreds of years and cost on average £20-£60. It’s made from a drying oil, like flaxseed, and pigment sometimes with fillers and thickeners added to the mix. When mixed and crushed, these ingredients bind and thicken to form a permanent paint. cost slightly more. Oil-based paints are better for bathrooms or kitchens because they perform better against water damage and moisture.



There are also different types of paint finishes, which can affect the look and durability.

  • Flat paint costs an average of £11 to £70 per gallon. This is best suited for spaces where there isn’t much moisture.
  • Eggshell paints and satin paints cost an average of £11.99 to £60 per gallon. These are both good all-around options because of their cost and durability.
  • Semi- and high-gloss paint cost an average of £13 to £80 per gallon. These types of paint are best for trim, baseboards or other features


When you plan to paint you must first get the right estimation costs, you will first measure the entire painting surface of your room or home. Use the example below is for a 10’ x 14’ room with an 8’ ceiling, one door, and one window.

  1. Measure the perimeter of the room – For a 10’ x 14’ room, add the four wall lengths.
    10 + 14 + 14 + 14 = £52’
  2. Calculate the wall area – Multiply the perimeter with the ceiling height.
    52 × 8 = 416 SF
  3. Subtract for windows and doors to get the coverage area – Subtract 21 SF per door and 16 SF per window.
    416 – 21 – 16 = 379 SF
  4. Calculate the cost to hire a painter – Painters charge £1 to £3 SF depending on the coverage area.
    416 × £1 = £416 & 416 × £3 = £1248
  5. Get your final estimate per room – A painter’s final price for a 10×12 room ranges between:
    £416 – £1248
  6. Calculate how much paint you need – One gallon of paint covers up to 400 SF. Professionals recommend two coats of paint and buying more than you need.
    (416 / 400) × 2 = 1.8 gallons

How Much Should I Charge For Painting Jobs?

Painters charge a certain amount per hour. It is typical for a professional painter to charge between £100 and £180 per hour. The cost will vary depending on the painter’s experience, the difficulty of the job, and where it is located.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Warehouse?

In other words, for a property of 15,000 square feet and in good condition, with a typical brush-and-roll two-coat paint system, you’ll be looking at an average price of £5,000 – £10,000. 33 to . The walls and ceiling cost 66 cents per square foot.

How Much Does Painting A Commercial Building Cost?

Painters charge between £2 and £6 per square foot and £60 to £100 per hour on average for commercial work. The cost of painting a commercial building varies depending on a number of factors. In addition to its size, labor costs, material costs, and so on, this factor is taken into account.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A commercial Building?

Exterior painting cost

Interior painting cost

500 square feet: £1,000-£1,500

500 square feet: £750-£1,500

1-story 1,000 square feet: £1,000-£3,000

1,000 square feet: £1,500-£3,000

2-story 2,500 square feet: £3,000-£5,000

2,500 square feet: £3,750-£7,500


Brief list of FAQs

how much does house painting cost per hour in london

The average hourly rate for a painter and decorator in the UK is £24 -£50 pper hour. If you have a small job then you will hire a painter or decorator by the hour.The average cost to paint per hour would cost between £25to £50 per hour, depending on the size, condition, prep work, options, and number of coats.The average cost to paint an interior hour per hour is £25 to £50.The average cost to paint an exterior of a house per hour is £45 to £75 per hour.

How much cleaning is necessary before painting?

You should regularly remove all dirt and dust from the surface to be painted using warm, soapy water. Mould and mildew should be removed using a ready-made remover or by making up a cleaning solution of 1 part bleach and 3 parts water. Once washed all surfaces need to be rinsed thoroughly and allowed to completely dry before painting.

How do I choose the best interior colour?

Light colours work best in dark rooms and make walls and ceilings appear to be further away, so small rooms feel larger. Dark colours can make a room feel more intimate and cosy. Bright colours give the room a cheerful, upbeat feel. For square rooms, make one wall a feature wall by painting it in a different colour to give the room a more dramatic, less boxy look.

how much does it cost to paint 3 bedrooms

Its cost in avarage £1,500 – £2,000 to paint a 2-Bedroom House/Flat house in London.

It will cost between £2,000 – £3,000 to paint a 3-Bedroom House/Flat in London

The cost to paint 4-Bedroom House/Flat will be between £2,500 – £3,500

In avarage the cost to paint a 5-Bedroom House/Flat £3,500 – £4,200

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whatever the size or nature of your organization we cater for it all.


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You can estimate the paint you need for a room in the following way. Consider a standard-sized 12’ x 12’ room with an 8 ft. ceiling, two doors, and two windows. First, measure the perimeter of the room: (12 + 12) x 2 = 48 ft. Calculate the wall area by multiplying the perimeter with the ceiling height: 48 x 8 = 384 sq. ft. Then, calculate the door area (assuming average-sized doors of 21 sq.ft.): 21 x 2 = 42 sq.ft. After that, you’ll need to calculate the window area (assuming average-sized windows of 15 sq.ft.): 15 x 2 = 30 sq.ft. You can calculate the total wall surface by subtracting the door area and window area from the total wall area: 384 – (42 + 30) = 312 sq.ft.

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Learn tricks to run airbnb business with no money


Airbnb is a website that connects people who want to rent with people who have places to rent. Most renters are seeking short-term rentals but long-term rentals are also available.






Why You Should Start Your Own Airbnb Business

  1. You’ll earn income. You set your price on your rental property.
  2. List for free on Airbnb. Yes there will be fees, but that’s how more than one billion guests booked a place to stay.
  3. It’s what guests want. Many travelers are seeking a more relaxing, home-like stay away from home.
  4. The Airbnb protection. The Airbnb host guarantee covers you for up to $1 million in damages from renters.

The Airbnb Industry in the United States

Airbnb started in 2007. It actually got its name from the air mattress, commonly used for household guests.

Of course, most airbnb’s provide amenities on a higher scale than an air mattress in a spare room. In the hospitality business, the short-term rental market has had rapid growth. In our “gig economy” there are plenty of workers seeking a place to stay on other people’s properties.

Currently there are more than 4 million hosts for Airbnb properties, in nearly every country in the world. They have housed more than 1 billion guests.

How Does Airbnb Hosting Work?

Being a responsive host is a key to customer satisfaction. As part of the check in process, Airbnb hosts can meet their airbnb guests, or provide remote check-in and check-out information. Payments for airbnb rentals are made through the airbnb site.

Airbnb hosts who are clear about expectations from renters, and quick to respond to questions, get positive reviews from guests. And airbnb hosts can provide positive, or negative reviews about an airbnb guest.

Important factors for the success of any short term rentals is having a reliable cleaning service. Presenting an ultra-clean house, and following Covid-19 protocols, is currently a must in the airbnb business.

How to Start an Airbnb Business If You Don’t Own Property

Your search for an airbnb property should start with local zoning regulations. In some areas, “short term rentals” are not permitted.

Once you’ve cleared that hurdle, do your market research. What’s the competition? What are monthly rental rates for apartments and houses in the area?

1. Decide on Your Budget

If you’re purchasing a property, you should know your limit on a listing price. You’ll be able to calculate all the costs for the property, including mortgage, homeowners’ insurance, taxes and utilities.


At the same time, you’ll also need to calculate other factors, such as the cost to furnish the property, including linens and towels, and outfit the kitchen.

Increasingly, a real estate investor may delve into the short term rental property market of airbnb businesses. Think about it. If you’re in an area where the vast majority of apartments rent for $2,000 a month, wouldn’t you make more money renting a property for $200 a day? Even with the cost of cleaning services, you’ll make more money even if the property is not rented every day of the month.

2. Choose Your Rental Market

Who are your customers? Are you seeking business travelers from the corporate world, or is your property near local attractions such as an amusement park or historic site?

3. Name Your New Airbnb Host Business

Before naming the new business, savvy hosts check to see what names are currently being used in the area.

For example names such as “mountain retreat” or “Beach Escape” describe the location, but are commonly used, especially for vacation rentals. You may want to add a personal touch such as “Laura’s Mountain Retreat” or “Jimmy’s Beach Escape.”

That will make it easier for happy customers to spread the word, specifically, about the amazing experience they had renting your airbnb. You’ll get more bookings.

4. Form a Legal Business Entity

The majority of hosts choose the Limited Liability Company (llc) as the legal entity. An llc is a good pick for an airbnb rental, as it protects your personal assets. If you’re a real estate investor with a personal residence and multiple airbnb rentals, you can put all the rentals under one llc umbrella.

5. Get Your Taxes in Order

You’ll of course pay real estate taxes, along with everyone else who owns real estate. You’ll also pay sales tax and a local occupancy tax (often called a hotel tax.

You can arrange for airbnb to collect and pay the hotel tax. You’ll have to pay the sales tax, which should be calculated monthly. You can pay sales tax monthly or quarterly.

Make sure you carefully keep track of expenses, such as the cleaning, any repairs, or replacement of aging furniture, linens, towels and kitchen supplies. If you keep track of expenses, filing taxes at the close of the year will be much less time consuming. You’ll file information about profit from your airbnb rental on a schedule C.

6. Choose a Location

Potential guests want a peaceful airbnb rental experience, and having easy access to parking is important. It may also be important that entrance to the property is easy – no long staircase, for example.

Another factor for successful airbnb hosting is having your rental in a nice neighborhood.

7. Sort Out Permits and Licenses

Air bnb businesses can’t operate in areas where local zoning does not allow you to use a property as a short-term rental.

You’ll need a business license to operate a business rental. The license might be called a TOT certificate or a Lodgers Tax License. You’ll need to register your small business with the local county agency that collects hotel tax.

8. Open a Business Bank Account

If you make more than $20,000 a year, or conduct more than 200 transactions via the airbnb site, you’ll get a 1099-K from airbnb. Having a specific business bank account makes all the involved accounting easier.

At tax time, you can deduct expenses such as fees charged by airbnb, such as a reservation fee, which can range from 1-20%, depending on the nightly cost for your rental.

9. Acquire Business Insurance

You’ll need homeowners insurance on the property, to cover it on the days it is not rented. Airbnb provides a $1 million damages insurance policy.

You’ll also need business insurance to cover general liability and property casualty. Additional insurance you may need is workers compensation insurance if you hire people to clean the property.

10. Look at Properties on the Market

You can look at other airbnb real estate available in your area, checking out the amenities they offer and their costs.

That will give you an idea of how much you can charge per night. As with any startup small business, you may not have a strong rental rate when you’re getting started.

When you look at properties, make a list of improvements that the property may need before it can be offered as a rental property. How much will it cost to make your rental space attractive? Although it costs money, you may want to hire a contractor to provide estimates.

11. Buy the Property

Every real estate transaction includes extra costs such as transfer taxes, real estate commissions and filing fees. You’ll typically need a 20% down payment to purchase a property, and should expect to pay mortgage origination costs.

12. Create an Airbnb Business Plan

One of the best features of having your listing stand on the airbnb website is that hundreds of people will see it. You won’t have to devote a lot of time to marketing.

If you or a group of people are running the airbnb here are some more tips:

  1. Describe the business structure. Who is the host, who is in charge? Who is going to respond to complaints?
  2. What is the preferred customer base for the property?
  3. What are the income predictions?
  4. How will we receive payments?
  5. What are the recurring costs (cleaning, utilities, furniture and equipment replacement).

13. Create Your Airbnb Listing

You’ll need high quality photos to make your property stand out, especially if you have special features such as a fireplace, or a great view.

Hiring a professional photographer is a good choice. With a professional taking images, paying attention to lighting and other details, you’re property will be shown off to its greatest advantage.

You’ll also list amenities, which can be kitchen gear such as coffee maker or air fryer. You’ll list the number of bedrooms and the number of people you expect to use the rental, and if you’ll allow extra guests.

Many business travelers won’t choose a property if it doesn’t have high speed internet.

Will you allow pets? If so, what are your rules regarding pets? Will you require an extra deposit, or put a limit on size – for example, no dogs over 40 pounds.

14. Be Successful Small Business Owners of an Airbnb Business

Hosts get ratings based on how they respond to customers. As any small business owner knows, one bad review can be very damaging.

In any house, things break. The water heater can fail, a storm can knock out power.

To be a successful owner, you must be a responsive host. Remember that reviews of hosts, and renters, are public. Be responsive to customers, and be available without being intrusive, and you’ll have a successful airbnb business.

How to Start an Airbnb Business as a Property Owner

If you already own a property, your first job is to check local zoning to see if short-term rental properties are allowed.

Then you’ll look into your specific permits, licenses and insurances.

How Much does it Cost to Start an Airbnb Business?

There are many variables in the cost, especially for the basics – whether you already own or plan to purchase a property.

If you already own a property, of course costs will be lower. If you want to rent a room, your main cost may be to add a door, so that the renter can have a private entrance, for example.

Things You Should Know Before Starting an Airbnb Business

You should know that it’s not easy, especially as you’re getting started.

For example, your initial list of renting rules may be updated, especially if you have issues with renters.

Renting Rules and Guest Rules

You must be in compliance with existing rules of a homeowner’s association or condo/apartment complex.

You may also list specific rules for your property, such as limiting the number of guests. If you allow pets, you may say “no dogs can be left unattended” or similar. You’ll also name checkin and check out times, and quiet times.


There are things you may let go in your house – that slight drip from the bathroom sink, the small area of frayed carpet in the living room. But you’ll have to keep up with all required maintenance to be a good host.

You’ll have to make sure you have smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and that you have the correct number and proper placement. You’ll have to meet all local building code requirements and will most likely have to have an inspection before you start renting. Many hosts – especially if they have multiple properties – hire a property management company instead of handling day to day management themselves, even though it’s an extra cost.


You’ll specify a per night rate and a security deposit. You can compare to other airbnb rates in your area. You’ll know if the price is too high if you’re not getting many bookings.

Is Airbnb a profitable business?

Yes. Whether you’re renting a room or an estate, with a good business plan you should clear a good profit.

How do I make money with Airbnb?

As with any rental, costs are deducted from profit. How much money can you make? That depends.

Airbnb income and your profit margin is directly related to your expenses. For example, are you running an airbnb in a northern or southern climate? You’ll have heating and cooling costs to calculate.

Are there things you can do yourself, such as minor repairs? Do you have time to handle the cleaning?

How do I start an Airbnb business with no money?

If you already own property, you shouldn’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get your new business running. But renters are going to want cleanliness and quality. Your costs may be what’s required to upgrade your kitchen equipment, furnishings, linens and towels.

Image: Depositphotos

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As part of Airbnb cleaning services in London and Uk will include ,general cleaning of, windows ,washrooms, kitchen cleaning, floor cleaning hoovering, emptying the bins, skirtings and many more find out  how we can help 02082438675/07704499473. For hosts who hire cleaning Agency, the average cleaning fee on Airbnb is around £65 per booking. or £13 to £17 per hour For larger properties or hosts who hire cleaning help, this cost will increase to approximately £105

However, this cost is affected by the type of listing you’re offering. A small studio flat’s Airbnb cleaning fee will differ largely from that of a 4-bedroom mansion. Visualize your rental size and type when working out your cleaning fee amount. You can also look at your nearby competitors to see if they charge a cleaning fee and what pricing strategy they use. 


We clean your Airbnb property after guest left, and we will leave your home nice and tidy, just the way you would like it. In a few  hours


Our professional Airbnb cleaners in London and Uk offer complete cleaning of your house and removal of any leftovers that the guest might have left behind 


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Airbnb cleaning costs in London may vary depending on the size of your home, the number of bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms and the size of your kitchen. On average Airbnb cleaning costs in London and UK cost between £13 to £17p/h for normal homes, with some companies charging per square meter for larger properties. Expect to pay anything from £120 to £280 for 1,000 square foot home £15-£30 per hour depending on whether or not you require more cleaners and team leaders to supervise the cleaning process. This is just an estimate these prices can vary depending on the location of your building. Airbnb cleaning professionals team can help keep your home looking clean and fresh. Airbnb cleaning is essential when your guest is moving out, or to get your property ready for new guest moving in. On top of a deep clean, move-out cleaning includes some services like cleaning out kitchen appliances, fridge, changing of linens and preparing the whole house ready and presentable



How much you can make on your Airbnb will depend on  a lot of factors- daily cleaning  jobs are the jobs that need to be done often when guest leave the property . These jobs include tidying up; doing the dishes and wiping down counters and other highly used surfaces. Whether you’re thinking of putting your vacation home on Airbnb, have been hosting guests for a while, or are even thinking about investing in a vacation rental property, the biggest question that comes to everyone’s mind is, “How much money can I make?”

The answer to that question depends on a lot of factors. What’s your property like and the number of bedrooms? Where is your property located? How many guests can it host and is it for a long term or short period? How much will you be using the property yourself? What kind of average occupancy rate can you expect? At what price will you offer your Airbnb listing for rent? The answer to these questions and many others will be the main determinant of how much you’ll make from your property.

However, you can still get a good idea of what is possible and which factors are most important by looking at the data. We’ve compiled Airbnb revenue statistics across the world to see what the average host makes on Airbnb.


.According to data from Airbnb, hosts have earned a total of more than 200 billion through the platform, as of October 2021. The company estimates average annual earnings for a host to be between £7,900 to £50,000.Data from market listing  company like the average monthly income for an Airbnb host at £980, and the median monthly income at £450. The company reported a broad range of host earnings, with some bringing in more than £10,000 to £40,000 a month. Hosting with Airbnb can open up other opportunities as well, such as encouraging more travel of your own through the connections you make with guests, or the ability to buy and rent more properties.

Filtering through Uk largest markets, the British city with the highest average Airbnb host earnings is York. Airbnb hosts in the historical city of York took home on average £37,109 in 2021-2022. Like many markets in the UK and worldwide, the short-term rental market in suffered during 2020 due to COVID-19 but there is steady increase stream of income in 2022. In 2020-2021 Airbnb hosts in the same market generated £16,131-£20,000 on average. The next highest earning location in the UK for Airbnb hosts is the city of Bath, where hosts made £36,342-£40,000 this was towards the end of  2021, again up from 2020 when they made £25,626. After Bath and York, Brighton was the third highest earning location followed by London and Manchester. Airbnb hosts in Brighton made on average £26,700 in 2021, up from £14,800 in 2020.



If you’re preparing your house for Airbnb business, you have to do several things to ensure its ready for a smooth transition into Airbnb Business. You can hire an estate agent, interior stager and cleaning companies.

.We’ll discuss what you can do as a host to make your Airbnb business more successful. Having an inviting description, well-staged photos, and a high host rating can all help to make your listing more appealing to potential guests.

It’s a good idea to stay in your place once a month as a guest would, to spot any potential irritations and improvements, or ask friends to test stay for different perspectives (ones that won’t just tell you what you want to hear). It’s really important that your listing is accurate and that your place lives up to (or preferably exceeds) expectations.




Creating a listing is the first step to getting started on Airbnb. A good listing includes accurate descriptions of the property and basic details about all of the space’s important information—how many rooms and bathrooms there are, what amenities will be available to the guest, and what place are nearby the property that guests can visit and enjoy. Give brief specifics on things that will affect guests like stairs and parking or lifts and disable access if you have one , and be upfront and honest about any thing in your place may have bad impact in the guests. Think about what it is that sets your listing apart from others and include that in your listing too. do you have back garden or nearby shops or restaurants.

Take high-quality photos of your listing including all rooms and area, make sure that your you clean your property before taking the photo. Try to use natural lighting, or add professional lighting if the space is darker, and take the photos with landscape orientation. Imagine yourself as a guest in the space and set it up accordingly. cleanliness is a must. 

One of the advantages of listing with Airbnb is you decide how much to charge for your listing, and can vary your rates based on the day of the week, or time of year. Airbnb platform offers an optional Smart Pricing tool that automatically adjusts your listing’s rates based on demand in your area or location. 

Airbnb also provide up to £1 million in property damage protection, as well as Host Protection Insurance—a liability insurance program that may provide up to £1 million in liability coverage. Some countries and programs are exempt from coverage so please check your region to make sure your covered or you can purchase additional insurance. .




Running  successful  Airbnb hosting business takes effort and is time consuming, In addition to responding quickly to booking inquiries, you’ll need to be available to answer any questions guests might have during their stay and you should also be prepared to welcome them when they first come to the property. Cleaning the space in between reservations and checking’s, and making any necessary repairs can also be time-consuming. You can always subcontract cleaning and maintenance duties to Airbnb cleaning companies like if the extra cost is worth it to you to alleviate some of your hosting duties.


Each region or location have  municipal laws to leasing limitations and neighbourhood expectations, make sure that you have clearly read and understand the laws in your area or any potential hosting barriers before you start listing on Airbnb.

Depending on where you live, there might be requirements at the country, state, city, or property level, some properties don’t allow Airbnb hosting so be sure to understand the requirements or documentations you need i.e. Registration, permits, or licenses, as well as safety certifications and additional insurance might be needed. Airbnb provides resources to help hosts learn about location-specific regulations, and encourages hots in an effort to connect local hosts who can share information


Make sure to approach your Airbnb hosting like a business . Create a business plan before you begin, and set realistic financial projections and goals. Decide in advance how much time and energy you want to invest in the business. You will also want to consider additional costs, such as buying consumables, utilities bills, extra laundry and cleaning or ironing, any welcoming touches you provide, such as coffee or snacks. The price of obtaining a business license and registering your company, any necessary certifications, or extra insurance, will also add up. Keep track of your hosting expenses with a budget and save receipts for tax man. 

You should understand what kinds of tax, and how they are collected, depends on the location. It’s advised to include details about any necessary guest taxes in the listing description.


Once you become familiar with hosting on Airbnb and find a routine that works with your lifestyle, you can expand your hosting into a full-time venture. Depending on your goals, you could even continue to grow your business by adding more properties, adjusting your hosting approach to cater to each individual listing. Hosting with Airbnb provides an opportunity to create additional income on your own terms with space that may otherwise have been sitting empty. The platform allows hosts to customize the situation with conditions that best meet their needs and expectations. It’s up to each host to take the growth of their business into their own hands—keeping it as a part-time hustle, or expanding the venture to earn more income.


Your success on Airbnb will rely on good reviews so it’s important to get it right from the beginning. Guests and hosts are encouraged to leave reviews about every stay and they’re only shown to one another once both parties have submitted. Airbnb gives added exposure to hosts with excellent reviews, quick responses and reliability with  outstanding properties and clean properties


We know how hard it can be to find and choose a cheap cleaner in London, we’ve made the whole process really straightforward and easy, can potentially save you hundreds of pounds in Hotel and Airbnb cleaning services costs. You can contact us for a free estimate by calling us on-02082438675/07704499473


Deciding on an Airbnb cleaning cost boils down to what works best for your listing and what will keep your guests happy. Hiring an expensive  cleaning service company can eat your  potential  profit . You must strike a balance between reasonable pricing while striving for a well-maintained rental. Depending on whether you want to encourage one-day bookings, charging a cleaning cost can be a deterrent. Before finalizing your extra expenses, take into consideration the following points: 

  • What do your competitors charge for their cleaning cost? You should look at how they charge with regards to length of stays and if they’re adding the service fee separately or if it’s included in the overall price.
  • What is the size of your property? Your property size can help justify your Airbnb cleaning cost, especially for bigger listings will need two people for example to clean. 
  • Who are your target guests? Marketing your Airbnb property to backpackers may get an entirely different response than a high-end, luxury stay. A target audience with a bigger budget can be more accepting of higher costs. Keep your ideal guest in mind when deciding on a fee for your listing. 
  • Are you hiring a professional cleaning team? This will dramatically affect your cleaning costs and, therefore, your fee. 


Vacation rental software, like iGMS, can help you automate cleanings to ensure your property is spotless for your next guests .To improve cleanings even further and maintain the best service for guests, opt for automation. Vacation rental software, like iGMS, can help you automate cleanings to ensure your property is spotless for your next guests. In addition to automating your cleaning routine, iGMS allows you to: 

  • Sync calendars and manage your reservations on Airbnb,,  within a single dashboard; add other vacation rental platforms via iCal.
  • Respond promptly to your guests by having their inquiries organized within a unified inbox and utilizing automated messages;
  • Get more reviews from your guests using a review automation functionality;
  • Manage direct bookings by taking advantage of our direct booking management toolset;
  • Automatically collect payments from your or direct booking guests; 
  • Manage your team and grant different levels of access to your team members;
  • Keep track of your business results by using reporting functionality.


Depending on who you want to hire and the type of cleaning service you require including where you live, the cost of hiring a cleaner in the UK can vary significantly, from as little as £10-£14 per hour for independent cleaners to over £17- £40 per hour for cleaning companies or Agencies. We recommend finding a credible local agency like to hire from as their cleaners should have the proper equipment and are likely to be properly trained.

However, there’s also the option of hiring an independent cleaner for less money. If you have friends or family you trust who have hired cleaners before they might be able to help refer a cleaner to you. The cost will vary quite a lot depending on the condition of your property, where you live, and the tasks you want the cleaner to perform for example End of Tenancy and After Builders cleaning are charged per unit price but not on an hourly basis so do your due diligence well before you hire a cleaner.

In London, Birmingham and Manchester the average hourly rate to book a weekly cleaner will be in the range of £14.30 to £14.49 per hour. The hourly rates for Edinburgh and Glasgow are slightly lower.


There are so many advantages of hiring a professional cleaning company compared to individual cleaners, for example, if the work is not up to scratch, it is likely the agency will send another cleaner or refund you. However, with an independent cleaner, you are at the mercy of their goodwill, which can be risky. On the other hand, it is more affordable to hire an independent worker with an average house cleaning cost per hour of £12.50 vs £16 for agencies. 

✓ Professional Cleaning Agencies Vet their cleaners – Cleaning companies charge a bit more because of the degree of the vetting process and this is usually reflected in pricing. Vetting new cleaners will include some or all of the following: interviews; background and right to work checks,(DBS ,criminal record checks, reference checks.

✓ Optional or Alternative cleaner in the event assigned cleaner fall ill or on Holiday.    Cleaning Agencies will always find alternative cleaners in the event of absence/holiday or if they simply want to change. For clients working with independent cleaners, the process of finding someone else if usually much more time-intensive.

✓ BetterPayments Options – Most of the independent cleaners ask for payment immediately after completing the cleaning task which is challenging if you have no ready cash. With agencies, payments are automated with online bank payments and receipts generated for better tracking and there is an option to pay after a period of time which give the client time to organise themselves.

✓ Ready Cleaners whenever you need one– Cleaners are always available rather than finding one yourself in the shop window or through the internet. cleaning Agencies have cleaners readily available for you.

✓High  Quality of Work. Most cleaning companies take time to train their staff so it’s always a better option to hire professional cleaners through the Agency, client feedback usually forms an important part in determining the quality of the cleaners on the platform which is the driving force towards excellent and quality work.

✓ Cleaning Companies Can provide cleaning Materials and Products. And as a result, cleaning companies are trustworthy and independent In their work.

Book a service with on 02082438675/07704499473 We will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need about our services. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of competitive rates! We cover all major cities in London and Uk areas and no job is too big or too small for us.


Whether you’re an experienced host or starting a new Airbnb cleaning business, you might be unsure about setting up an Airbnb cleaning cost for your listing. Cleaning costs help hosts get their rentals cleaned and ready before guests arrive for their stay. It also protects the host from getting bad reviews and maintaining the high cleaning standards set by Airbnb company for their guests. 

Although it’s common to see the fee on listings, there are some things to consider to avoid scaring off potential guests. This article will cover the ins and outs of knowing what to charge and how it will affect your listing.or 


The cleaning cost and how much the cleaners charge and cost in London and Uk are estimated depending on geographical locations. The average cost for house cleaning a small 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in London would be in the bracket of £65 at £13-£15p/h for standard cleaning and £128 -£140 for  deep clean. For a large 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment cleaning, prices start at £90 at £14p/h for standard cleaning and cost up to £80-£450 or more for a deep cleaning. The average hourly rates for House cleaning in London and Uk are between £13- £30 per hour for routine cleaning while a one-off deep cleaning service would be charged at a rate of  £16 p/h to £25 per hour. Get free estimates for Airbnb and house cleaners near you in London. The cleaning cost is a one-time service fee charged to hosts by cleaners. It covers the costs of cleaning their rentals after the guests have checked out. 


The cleaning price and how much the cleaners charge and cost in London and Uk are estimated depending on geographical locations. cleaning fee is an extra charge that is added to the total booking fee. It does not form part of a security deposit, and cannot be returned after the booking concludes. The cleaning fee stays the same regardless of how many guests book a vacation rental and how long the stay is.


The national average cost of a standard house Airbnb cleaning in  London is between £55 to £130 depending on the size of the house and the extent of cleaning required, and how often. Airbnb cleaning service is a perfect choice if you run an Airbnb cleaning business and want to a maintain a clean space for the next guest. Most cleaning companies offer a discount for recurring jobs which will range between £12p/h -£14p/h and this will depend on the area. We can provided an estimate for Airbnb cleaning prices in  London and the UK below


REGULAR CLEANING (HOURLY)per each maid-hour£14.00
ONE-OFF CLEANING (HOURLY)per each maid-hour£17.00
IRONING SERVICEper each hour£14.00
AFTER BUILDERS CLEANINGper each maid-hour£17.00
MINIMUM CALL-OUT CHARGE3 hours booking or less£45.00
CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANINGminimum booking value£40.00
PROFESSIONAL OVEN VALETminimum booking valueFrom £45.00


Airbnb cleaning fees help hosts account for the expenses required to clean and prepare their rentals for their next guests. While there is no policy in place, guests will expect your rental to cover basic cleaning chores for them.

 All-in-all, the service fee will generally cover the following:

  • Sprucing up of the room/rooms
  • Changing linen
  • Cleaning supplies used
  • Washing of dishes
  • Clearing out cupboards and the fridge
  • Time spent cleaning
  • Restocking of general house of supplies


Looking for a domestic cleaning service’s in London and Uk to see what you can add to a regular clean. Expect to pay:

  • Pets Cleaning – £8
  • Doing the laundry – £10 – £50
  • External window cleaning – £12
  • Cleaning the insides of the large panel of  windows – £5 each
  • Fridge cleaning – £12
  • Cleaning the interior of the oven – £45 for a single oven and £80 for a Double Oven.


Your Airbnb cleaning fee can impact your rental listing performance based on how you choose to list your rates. Hosts usually choose to either list their cleaning fee as a separate service fee or include it as part of their nightly rate. If you decide to list your cleaning fee separately as a service fee, your booking fee will not be affected. However, the service fee will be added to the total cost in the final checkout. This could potentially irritate your guests when they see a sudden price hike right before they book. 

The other option is to include your cleaning fee as part of your nightly stay rate. To do this, take the cost of the cleaning fee divided by the total number of nights a guest stays. The amount will then be added to the nightly rate, bringing up the total cost. The main drawback of this method is that it increases your overall rates. Despite this, guests may appreciate knowing the total cost upfront, rather than getting a later price hike by the cleaning service. 

Take the time to experiment with both methods and see which one brings you the most bookings. If you’re worried that your Airbnb cleaning fee is too high, make small adjustments to the price until you start to see an increase in your booking rate. 

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Depending on the location or size of your listing, hiring professional cleaning teams can prove to be a significant expense. You will need to decide if it’s worth hiring professional cleaners or if you are capable of getting the job done on your own. Keep in mind that cleaning your vacation rental will take your time, require cleaning supplies, and take a lot of effort. Make sure you pay yourself for your time!

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