The average commercial gym and leisure facility cleaning will cost between £15 to £ pe35r hour with £60/hour being the average rate. a one man-hour per 1,000 feet of space is the average time it will take to effectively clean and disinfect a gym. If paying by the square foot, expect to be charged between £0.10 and £0.20 per square foot

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Table of Contents

  1. Client Expectations
  2. Diseases you can catch from the Gym
  3. Benefits of Outsourcing Your Gym Cleaning Duties
  4. Average Commercial  Gym Cleaning Costs
  5. Gym Cleaning cost Per Square Foot


If you have a large number of people attending your gym on a daily basis you will expect somebody to sweat and human body odour and this requires attention to detail especially after the pandemic. What’s more, sweat help create breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs. People moving from machine to machine and from locker room to workout room, carry not only germs from the gym but bacteria from outside, as well.

Below are the infections you can pick up in the gym and how to avoid them;

Unfortunately, a hot body isn’t the only thing you can bring back from the gym.

With so much sweat and body contact with machines and equipment in a confined space, many fungi, bacteria and viruses lurk inside gyms. Despite your best intentions to become fit and healthy, you’re not safe from the skin and respiratory infections that gyms breed– check out common diseases and germs lurking in gyms and how you can avoid them.


One of the most common germs hiding in gyms is the staphylococcus bacteria. Some strains of the bacteria can be harmful, however, most of the time, staph goes unnoticed and does not necessarily cause any infection. In fact, about one-third of people carry some type of staph on their skin, gym goer or not. If you have scratches or cuts, you are at risk of contracting a staph infection, to avoid catching staph please wash your hands regularly.


Athlete’s foot is a common infection caused by fungi that mostly affects the feet and groin, however, it can also be spread to armpits and for women, under the breasts. fungal infections are more likely to come from your own hygiene practices. “It’s made worse by being in sweaty shoes, using the same socks day after day, and not letting your feet dry out.”, you can avoid athlete’s foot pretty easily if you practice basic hygiene: change your socks between workouts, wash gym clothes after sweating and ensure that your workout gear is completely dry after washes.


Ringworm is a fungal infection that appears as a scaly circle on your skin, occurring anywhere on your body. The infection thrives in wet environments, so always wipe down sweaty machines or equipment before you use them.


Respiratory illnesses such as cold and flu are among the easiest to spread, as they are transmitted through the droplets of coughs and sneezes, which stay alive for some time outside of the body.

Coughs and sneezes transmit viruses to many places in the gym – machines, dumbbells, railings and more. All it takes is for you to grab something that’s got the virus on it and touch your eye or wipe your mouth and theoretically, you can get it.


Herpes is most commonly picked up in the gym, the herpes virus can occur in very unexpected places. It’s transmitted through a cut or sore, usually through cold sores or genital warts, and is more likely to be spread from person-to-person contact.

There have been cases of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) which has been spread among sportspeople ie, wrestlers, footballers and rugby players for their engagement in contact sports.

The cleanliness of your fitness facility goes a long way toward making your clientele feel safe and valued. It also serves as an advertisement when signing on new members. People walking into a dark gym that smells of old sweat and body odour, and that shows signs of needing a good cleaning, are far less likely to sign on the dotted line.


The cost to clean a gym near london is usually calculated based on the nature of the work involved. The final quote that you’d be presented with or charged would be on the basis of one of the following

Depending on the number of hours Required – Fitness centre or gym cleaning services generally cost anywhere between £17 to £35 per hour depending on the nature of work involved and the intensity of cleaning required, for example, deep cleaning services will be charged more compared to standard regular cleaning services. It might also vary depending on the last time the premises had a full-on deep cleaning routine since it’d make the subsequent jobs easier.

The cost can also go as low as £14 to £25 if you are going for routine cleaning services which might be on a recurring basis that covers usual janitorial services including mopping and general vacuuming.

But also be aware, if you are going for any add-on services like disinfection cleaning routines, you’d be charged somewhere around £30-£45 an hour.

Typically a cleaner would be able to cover a 500 sq. ft. area for complete floor cleaning in an hour. The more the cleaners, the better this increases the efficiency and reduce the cleaning period involved in cleaning the entire premises. Generally.

Disinfecting the Gym – Now disinfecting the gym is one of the most crucial factors that decide your gym cleaning cost. Since your fitness centre is a space where people sweat out to get to their goals or shape up their bodies, you’d need to take care of all the germs accumulations before they happen.

The frequency of disinfection depends on the foot traffic that you have at your premises. If you have a higher amount of clients entering your gym, then you’d probably have to go for a disinfection cleaning routine at least twice a day at the very least.

At we understand how important it is to keep all the areas of your spa, gym, health or leisure centre clean to the highest standards. a clean environment is not only important for your club members, but for your internal staff as well. We want them to have the positive experience they deserve, and that is why we do what we do!

We will take the necessary steps to ensure we get rid of all the dirt in toilets, showers, changing rooms and all areas of your centre. We can work around your schedule and can assign cleaning operatives at the times to suit you whether it is early morning, late evenings or weekends.Gym cleaning services


The average cost of commercial cleaning is £0.15 per square foot with average commercial cleaning rates ranging from £0.10-£0.15 per square foot according to CLEANERSS.COM. Cleaning offices up to 40,000 sq ft will cost you anywhere from £.08 to £.10 per sq ft. Cleaning offices up to 12,000 sq ft will cost anywhere from £09 to £16 per square foot.

Our professional commercial cleaners will help clean everything from offices to small storefronts less than 1,000 square feet, to larger offices and warehouses in excess of 10,000 square feet, Obviously, the cost becomes higher when the space to be cleaned becomes larger. Cleaning a 10,000 square foot office obviously take greater time and manpower and a larger amount of cleaning supplies.


Before rendering the services of a commercial cleaning company to a prospective client, it is advisable to, first of all, tell them about your price rate. Because if they do not have any idea about your commercial cleaning pricing, they might feel they are getting scammed. Expect to pay anywhere from £118 to £463 for a one-time commercial cleaning.

commercial gym cleaning near me

What do Your Clients Expect?

Though hygiene is important, especially in a gym, clients look for a clean environment for other reasons. For one thing, they say it makes them feel safer and more confident in both your brand and your employees. It also makes them feel valued as customers. That feeling keeps them coming back to your facility. What’s more, they recommend it to their friends.

What do you need to do to engender that goodwill? It doesn’t take too much, actually, for your customers to feel your facility is a clean one. You need good lighting, a clean scent, and well-kept restrooms and locker rooms.


There are so many advantages of hiring professional gym cleaners: gym cleaners have the training and experience to keep your gym looking great at all times. You can even find companies that specialize in cleaning specific fitness centres, and therefore have the experience to keep business safe and germ-free.

When deciding whether the cost is worth it, consider the full cost of assigning these duties to staff. First, look at the salary and benefits paid to your staff. Next, consider the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as replenishing these supplies.

Also, recognize the varying levels of efficiency between a professional cleaning crew and your staff. The professional-level equipment, cleansers, and tools a commercial company provides are a big part of what makes them so efficient and effective. The other part is that simply put, this is their job. They aren’t trainers taking their turn with a mop, they’re full-time custodial workers.

Finally, consider the flexibility in scheduling a professional team to work either during non-peak hours or after business hours if yours is not a 24-hour facility. This way, your members get a clean facility without the interruptions and inconvenience of a cleaning crew.


Many variables go into determining the cost of a cleaning service, so offering an accurate “you can expect to pay X” statement isn’t possible. Pricing varies based on building size, geographical location, and individual cleaning needs. However, there are common ranges and billing methods.


The general office cleaning will usually depend on the size of your office the number of toilets and the size of your kitchen on average  3 – 5 days a week office cleaning, including vacuuming the rooms and the stairs, mopping the floor, cleaning the bathrooms and removing the limescale on the taps, cleaning the kitchens including the cupboards inside and out this usually takes ONE person 3 hours to clean 3000 – 4000 square feet of office premises. So if your office is 6500 square feet, you can bet that it will take about 3-4 hours and with one person every day. Now, there will be days that the cleaning will take longer usually as high and low dusting is done once a week, so be prepared to add an additional hour on that day that more cleaning is required .typically the smaller the office, the less cleaning is required,


On average commercial cleaning quotes in the UK will be between  £12 to £30p/h, most commercial gyms cleaning services are commonly priced per hour, with some companies charging per square meter for larger commercial offices. Expect to pay anything from £12 to £20 per hour depending on whether or not you require team leaders to supervise the daily cleaning process. This is just an estimate these prices can vary depending on the location. Keeping a clean office is just as important as keeping a clean home. A commercial cleaning service can help keep your business looking clean and fresh. Maintaining a cleaning office is good if you’re open to the public or just to your employees. Hiring a commercial cleaning service leaves you free to take care of business.


London Office  Cleaning  Cost £17p/h
UK Commercial office cleaning Cost £17p/h
UK National Office cleaning  Cost £13
Average Range for Commercial office cleaning £14- £35


CONTRACT GYM COMMERCIAL CLEANING COMPANY IN LONDON is the sought after Gym contract cleaning services company in London because that’s what our customers tell us after we provide them with a service. We love to work magic to meet our commercial contractor’s needs, using top of the range cleaning solutions and equipment that are both eco-friendly and won’t cause any damage to your furniture your hard floors whether tiled or polished wood, upholstery and more will be maintained to your specifications.


Nationally, people charge between £25 and £50 an hour for regular cleaning services and will charge between £0.10 – £0.50 per square foot. You can also be charged specifically based on your geographical  area, ultimately, you should be charged based on factors like:

  • The size of the gym.
  • The local cost of living.
  • The level of work required.
  • Demand in your area.
  • If you’ll regularly clean, or if it’s a one-off.
  • What our competitors charge.

That don’t include add-ons, deep cleans or other intensive work. Using an average of these numbers, here are estimates for what to charge based on square footage and an hourly rate of £17.

Size Per Thousand Square Ft. Hours Spent Cleaning What to Charge Per Cleaner
1,000-2,000 2-3-4 £60-£120
2,000-3,000 3-4.5 £120-£180
3,000-4,000 4.5-6 £180-£240
4,000-5,000 6-7.5 £240-£300


Total square feet Average cost
0-1,000 sq. ft. £120
1,000-2,000 sq. ft. £200
2,000-3,000 sq. ft. £290
3,000-4,000 sq. ft. £370
4,000-5,000 sq. ft. £460
5,000-6,000 sq. ft. £540
6,000-7,000 sq. ft. £630
7,000-8,000 sq. ft. £700
8,000-9,000 sq. ft. £800
9,000-10,000 sq. ft. £880


To calculate gym cleaning cost per square foot, you’ll need to do the following:

X / Y = Price per square foot =Total Hours

Square footage Hour(s) Price Per Hour
1,000 1 £30
1,500 1.5 £45
2,000 2 £60

In this example, the price per square foot is at £0.03, unless stated other factors like build-up from dirt and grime will incur additional charges.


When it comes to any gym or fitness centre, a regular wipe-down and a quick hoover are never enough to keep the place fresh and clean. Especially when you consider all the sweat and bacteria lurking on all the shared surfaces. Here at, we are proud to offer a professional gym cleaning service that will leave your gym looking great, smelling fresh, and 100% clean. But what are the benefits of this, and is it worth it? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of professional gym cleaning.


People tend to use the gym to get healthy and to stay in great shape. But if your gym is not professionally cleaned, who knows which bacteria and viruses could be lurking around. Viruses can easily be spread throughout your swimming pool, showers and changing rooms, while other viruses like the cold and flu virus, could be thriving on your uncleaned door handles. If your visitors or service users consistently pick up germs from your gym, you will soon get a bad reputation, and your business will suffer and may eventually be closed.


Spending money on a gym membership can be a big outlay for some people, and when it comes to deciding where to part with that cash, they will be looking for the best service provider available and this comes with a clean gym too. It’s not just the equipment or the staff that will be part of that decision, it will also be the impression your gym makes to new and regular clients. Even from the outside, your gym needs to look clean and welcoming. A professional cleaning service can make sure that from the reception to the weights room, your gym is clean and fresh. So you can make a good impression.


Various machines in your gym are regularly and largely used by countless people throughout the day, all leaving behind their sweat and dry skin. Over time, this can prevent the sensors from correctly reading heart rates, and will lead to a machine breakdown or expensive repairs being necessary. However, a professional cleaning team can prevent this, by making sure your machines are fully dust-free, and all the sensors cleaned regularly.

For more information get in touch with the professionals today, here at

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Gym cleaning prices and quotes in London

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On average after builders cleaning costs in London and UK cost between  £15 to £17p/h for normal homes, most commercial offices are commonly priced per hour, with some companies charging per square meter for larger commercial properties. Expect to pay anything from £120 to £390 for a 1,000 square foot home £15-£20per hour depending on whether or not you require more cleaners and team leaders to supervise the cleaning process. This is just an estimate these prices can vary depending on the location of your building.  After Builders cleaning professionals can help keep your business or home looking clean and fresh. You could pay a cleaning service of roughly £150–£200   for your move-in or move-out cleaning cost for a 1,000-square-foot home. A move-out cleaning is essential when selling your home, or to get your rent deposit back. On top of a deep clean, move-out cleaning includes some services like cleaning out kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, and polishing part of After Builders, cleaning services will Include, general deep cleaning, windows, washrooms deep cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning, floor cleaning and carpet cleaning, skirting and many more find out more about how we can help at 02082438675/07704499473


We will clean after your builders, and we will leave your home nice and tidy, just the way you would like it. In a few  hours


Our after builders cleaning services in London offer complete cleaning of your house and removal of any leftovers that the builders might have left behind 


Builders Made A Mess? We’ll Put It Right With Our Professional Cleaning Service. Get Back To Normal By Contacting Us Today


After builders cleaning costs in London may vary depending on the size of your home, the number of bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms and the size of your kitchen. On average after builders cleaning costs in London and UK cost between  £15 to £17p/h for normal homes, most commercial offices are commonly priced per hour, with some companies charging per square meter for larger commercial properties. Expect to pay anything from £120 to £390 for 1,000 square foot home £15-£20per hour depending on whether or not you require more cleaners and team leaders to supervise the cleaning process. This is just an estimate these prices can vary depending on the location of your building.  After Builders cleaning professionals can help keep your business or home looking clean and fresh. You could pay a cleaning service roughly £150–£200 for your move-in or move-out cleaning cost for a 1,000-square-foot home. A move-out cleaning is essential when selling your home, or to get your rent deposit back. On top of a deep clean, move-out cleaning includes some services like cleaning out kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, and polishing floors.


After Builders cleaning prices range from between £17 to £30 Per Hour this will depend on the area you are based, expect to pay different prices of build clean near where you live in different regions of the UK and the number of cleaners you require. After builders cleaning London prices tend to be much higher compared to major cities in Uk. With our portal and dedicated After Builders management team we stay ahead of your post-construction cleaning service and ensure you receive high-quality cleaning service and a comprehensive low cleaning price. We keep our cost to clean a house after construction service cheap and affordable.

For after builders cleaning we require a minimum of 5 hours at £20 per hour (includes labour and cleaning materials) plus VAT.For

 after builders cleaning, we require a minimum of 5 hours at £27.00 per hour (includes labour, materials and equipment) plus VAT.

We prefer to provide a more straightforward rate hence, for a detailed quote we encourage our clients and potential clients to give us a call.

All cleaning rates mentioned on this page are VAT excluded.

Congestion and parking fees may apply.

We’re a fully insured company that guarantees high-quality output without any hidden costs.

All our builders’ cleaners and teams are well-trained even before they hit the cleaning field. Prior to booking, we highly encourage our clients to visit our terms and conditions to know more about our services and all factors entailed.

We conduct quality control checks periodically to ensure that all our clients are making the most of the service we provided them.


Post-construction cleaning costs and rates are averagely charged between £120 to £800, or about £0.10 to £0.50 per square foot. Construction sites can look like an absolute mess to anyone who doesn’t work in that field; however, trained post-construction cleaning professionals will know exactly how to pick up and dispose of the mess.

After Renovation  Cleaning Services in London Uk               Prices
Studio End of Tenancy Cleaning in London£128

One Bedrooms Post Construction Cleaning service in London

Two-Bedroom Post Construction Cleaning in London£215
Three Bedrooms Post Construction Cleaning in London£298
Four Bedrooms Post Construct Cleaning in London£358
Five Bedrooms Post Construction cleaning service in London£498
Six Bedrooms Post Construction cleaning service in  London£420



The cleaning price and how much newly built cleaners charge and the cost in London and Uk are estimated depending on geographical locations. The average cost for newly built house cleaning a small 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in London would be in the bracket of £138 at £17-£20p/h for standard cleaning and £128 -£140 for End of Tenancy clean. For a large 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment cleaning, prices start at £189 at £17 to £25p/h for standard cleaning and cost up to £250-£450 or more for a deep or End of Tenancy cleaning. The average hourly rates for House cleaning in London and Uk are between £12-£17 per hour for routine cleaning while a one-off deep cleaning service would be charged at a rate of  £16 p/h to £25per hour. Get free estimates for End of tenancy and house cleaners near you in London through


Before beginning to clean a newly constructed home Start by gathering your cleaning supplies in an easy to carry basket or container. Your supplies should include not limited to a vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, dust mask, bucket, paper towels, brush, sponge,scronger, soap, surface spray with bleach, rags, dustpan, and a cleaning solution.

Once you’ve put your dust mask and rubber gloves on, start cleaning:

  • Wipe down all surfaces using a damp sponge.
  • Remove window labels and clean window cells.
  • Vacuum all window tracks.
  • Wash the interior and exterior of all windows.
  • Vacuum all the cupboards and drawers and wipe them down with a damp cloth.
  • Systematically wipe down all the surfaces using a damp cloth 
  • Thoroughly clean the bathrooms and the kitchen.
  • Vacuum the interior of the cooling and heating ducts.
  • Vacuum the carpets, or wash them with carpet shampoo if they’re very dirty.
  • Wipe down and dust the light fixtures.
  • Clean the thresholds.
  • Thoroughly mop the floors.
  • Finish by sweeping and vacuuming the garage.

Take special care to remove construction dust from hard-to-reach or unnoticeable places such as behind radiators and toilet bowls, on top of electrical outlet covers, and so on. Failing to do so can cause serious health problems for the occupants in the long term.

HOW TO GET THE  BEST AND CHEAP QUOTATION IN LONDON THROUGH CLEANERSS.COM  booking process is simple and straightforward, we will ask you a number of questions relating to the size and layout of your property as well as the level of cleaning needed.  Based on your answers and our experience we can estimate how long it will take to clean your home.  Our quotations are normally very accurate but your cleaner will let you know if they feel the description does not match the needs of the property. More answers to the questions you may have can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section.


You’ll find the best After builders Cleaners near you on Start your search and get free quotes today! First time looking for after builders Cleaner near you and not sure where to start? Let us do the legwork for you. Tell us about your project and we’ll send you a list of the top local professional after builders  Cleaners near your area to review. Whether you’re looking for quotes or you want to speak to some local professionals, we can help you bring your property back to looking nice and spotless. There’s no pressure to hire, so you can contact us for a free home visit , or we can give you fast hand quote over the phone.

One of the factors that make after builders cleaning such a specialist service, is the wide range of problems it can solve – that’s why we send out only our most experienced cleaners to assist with the task! All of our after builders cleaners in London combine extensive training with years of experience… in order to deliver a comprehensive Post Builders Cleaning, no matter what state your property has been left in.

the best website to Find top rated After Builders cleaners in London

Modern After Builders cleaning company Offering After Builders cleaning to both domestic and commercial properties in London.

After builder cleaners near you

  • Hotel After Builder clean
  • Apartment After Bulders clean
  • Commercial After builders clean
  • Retail After Builders clean
  • Warehouse After Builders clean
  • Office After Builders clean
  • Saloon After builders clean
  • Real Estate After Builders Clean.
  • Cooperate After Builders clean
  • Supermarket After Builder clean
  • Factory After Builder clean
  • University After Builders clean
  • Flat After Builders clean
  • Restaurant After Builders clean
  • Schools After Builders clean
  • Carehome After Builders clean
Home SizeAverage Cost
1 bed 1 bath£135
2 bed 1 bath£125 – £180
2 bed 2 bath£138 – £220
3 bed 1 bath£178 – £260
3 bed 2 bath£189 – £300
4 bed 3 bath£200 – £390
Additional Rooms£35 each


You could pay roughly £150–£400  cost of or 0.10-£0.50 per square foot for commercial after builders clean. Our experts provide you with After Builders Cleaning in London and they will clean after your builders and will leave your home pleasant and clean, as it was at first. In a couple of hours, your property will be clean, shiny and dust-free.  We are familiar with the hassle that comes along with any house renovation. Cleaning after builders is thorough and require the eye to detail, the right types of equipment and materials to get the home in order. Our after builders team will come fully equipped, so you don’t have to worry about renting equipment or buying specialist products. Our team uses professional-grade cleaning.  cleaning is essential when selling your home, or to get your rent deposit back. On top of a deep clean, move-out cleaning includes some services like cleaning out kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets inside and out,  hoovering and mopping the floors etc. Our commercial After builders cleaning will include offices, Hospitals commercial cleaning, Retails Commercial cleaning, Office Commercial cleaning, Church commercial cleaning, Gym commercial cleaning, School commercial cleaning, Retail commercial After builders cleaning, Bar and Restaurant commercial cleaning and many more.


You could pay to move out cleaning service in London roughly £150–£400  cost for or 0.10-£0.50 per-square-foot for move out clean. A move-out cleaning is essential when selling your home, or to get your rent deposit back. On top of a deep clean, move-out cleaning includes some services like cleaning out kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets inside and out,  hoovering and mopping the floors etc.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in the London United KingdomPrices
Studio End of Tenancy Cleaning in London£128
One Bedrooms End of Tenancy Cleaning service in London£138
Two Bedroom End of Tenancy Cleaning in London£148
Three Bedrooms End of Tenancy Cleaning in London £198
Four Bedrooms End of Tenancy Cleaning in London£258
Five Bedrooms End of Tenancy cleaning service in London£398
Six Bedrooms End of Tenancy cleaning service in London£335



The majority of people enjoy the comfort that carpeting brings to their floors and home. The feeling of soft, plush carpeting on your floors makes them more enjoyable to walk on. Carpets require regular vacuuming and spot check cleaning. Your carpet can’t survive through spot cleaning alone, and a professional carpet cleaning service is needed to help keep your carpets clean, prolonging the life span. There are many other benefits of using professional carpet cleaning companies other than making your carpet clean and beautiful again.
Typical carpet cleaning prices will be quoted by the square foot at a rate of £0.20 to £0.38, or about £45 -£120 per room depending on the size. The price may go higher if there are stubborn stains and carpet that is difficult to clean. Carpets build up dirt, dust, dander or marks.

carpet cleanin cost in London-cleanerssco


Property TypeStandard Price 
1 bedroom flat (Landing and stairs)£180 
2 bedroom flat (Landing and stairs)£213 
3 bedroom flat (Landing and stairs)£250 
4 bedroom flat (Landing and stairs)£345 

Add Carpet or Upholstery cleaning to this service at HALF PRICE!


Chimneys should generally be cleaned once a year to ensure they are maintained and kept in good working condition. If you have a wood-burning chimney, it would be a good a dear to clean the chimney more often, especially during the colder months when you use the fireplace more often. If you move into a property with a chimney, it is worth hiring a chimney sweep professional to inspect the chimney and carry out a clean, especially if you plan to use the fireplace, Chimney sweeping costs between £50-£250  on average. Expect to pay on the higher end if your chimney is in bad condition.


If your chimney has sustained a more serious blockage or damage, such as a bird’s nest being built up or the chimney which has fallen inside the flue, you may need to replace the chimney cowl, the guard which sits over the top of the chimney to prevent objects falling in. The Cowls will cost between £30 to £90 depending on the design and the model, to fit the new chimney will cost between  £150 to £250.



On average, pressure washing prices run from £220 to £400 to power wash a house or siding, £130 to £220 for a driveway pressure washing, and £245 to £430 for a deck or patio cleaning. For pressure cleaning per square foot, it is usually between £0.15 to £0.22. If you have buildup on the outside of your home, then power washing is an excellent option for you to remove the grime and dirt.

End of tenancy cleaning service Angel

Pressure Washing Services Btwn £3.00-£4per sq m.
Pressure Washing (Cleaning Only)Btwn £3.00-£per sq m.

Block Paving:

Pressure Washing-other surface:From £3.00-4per  per sq m.

Car Park Crazy Paving, Tennis Courts, Brickwork.

Pressure Washing (Cleaning Only)From £3.00-£4per sq m.

All Concrete:

Pressure WashingFrom £3.00-£4 per sq m.


Roof gutters are designed to collect rainwater from the roof and transport it away to the drain or soak it away. In the UK today most roof gutters are made from plastic but cast iron and aluminium gutters are still popular, particularly with older, period properties.

The gutter cleaning cost for a one-story building of1,000-square-foot will cost between £80 to £200 and for a two-story, 2,500-square-foot home £180-£300. The price may go up if you have many stories, large bushes or trees blocking parts of the gutters, gutter screens, and badly clogged downspouts. Gutter cleaning requires energetic people please consider that when you are recruiting for the right person for the job.

TerracedNo£1001/2 day
Semi-detachedNo£1251/2 day
DetachedNo£1501/2 day
TerracedYes£3751 day
Semi-detachedYes£4001 day
DetachedYes£4251 day

On average commercial cleaning Services costs in London and UK is between  £12 to £17p/h, most commercial offices are commonly priced per hour, with some companies charging from £0.04 to £0.16 per square foot for larger commercial offices. Expect to pay anything from £12 to £20 per hour depending on whether or not you require team leaders to supervise the daily cleaning process. This is just an estimate these prices can vary depending on the location. Keeping a clean office is just as important as keeping a clean home. A commercial cleaning service can help keep your business looking clean and fresh. Maintaining a cleaning office is good if you’re open to the public or just to your employees. Hiring a commercial cleaning service leaves you free to take care of business. Specialized facilities such as a medical clinic will need additional services such as floor stripping and waxing and therefore cost more.



In general, office cleaning costs in London will depend on the size of the office, large offices cost more because of the duration of time it takes to clean them, the cleaning service and cleaning products. Let us get an idea of office cleaning prices and costs. Normally £12 -£17p/h or £0.04 to £0.16 per square foot. Prices go lower as square footage increases: a 4,000-square-foot office could be charged at £0.08 to £0.16 per square foot while a 30,000-square-foot-office could cost £0.04 to £0.12 a square foot is a charge for small office cleaning in London and the UK The price will include emptying the bins, dusting all the surfaces and vacuuming, wiping down the surface, cleaning the toilets and bathrooms .cleaning costs sometime will increase depending on any additional services, for example, if there are a large panel of windows, more than one toilet or numerous rooms this will affect the price. for a free estimate, you can contact


Additional services which you can add to your After Builders cleaning prices are:

  • Carpet shampoo or Rug cleaning  £75 to £200 or £0.18/SF
  • Cleaning the fridge £12–£35
  • Windows inside and out £5–£10
  • Polishing – waxing floors £25 to £50
  • Cleaning oven  £45–£80


Four ways to find cheap and affordable cleaners in London and save money

  • Cleaning Discount – Always ask for a discount if you sign up for a once-a-week or weekly cleaning service.   
  • Ask about discounts for single mothers, veterans, disabilities, etc. or seasonal offers.
  • Supplies –Provide your own cleaning materials which will save you money because you will have the opportunity to use them again.
  • Regular Cleaning – Don’t let your house get out of control between cleanings, have a regular cleaner. When you have a house cleaner on a regular basis, it will be easier to maintain your home throughout the month. The less work the cleaners have to do, the less you will get charged.
  • Choose Most Needed Area – Select the only specific area you need to be cleaner in every time the cleaner visits your property. That way, you’ll save on your overall cost, and you still have a clean home.
  • Choose Services – Be specific with the cleaning service you require at the time of booking, If you do not want added services such as laundry, ironing or window cleaning please then make sure to state that at the beginning.


Whether you are using an individual or a company, always check the reviews online before you hire them. Another thing to consider is that larger companies sometimes rush from one client to another, trying to squeeze in as many as they can in a day. They may not leave your home picture-perfect, whereas an individual maid might.

A housekeeper service cleaning company will charge £15 to £20 per hour. Individual charges less than a cleaning company most of the time, from £11 to £14 an hour.

ComparisonCleaning CompanyIndependent Cleaners
Hourly Rate£60 to £100 per hour for 2ppl minimum of 2 hours£11 to £14per hour per
Average Cost£150 – £450£135 – £290
Advantage & Disadvantages 
  • Licensed
  • Insured and bonded
  • Signed contracts
  • Charge min fee for last-minute changes
  • Set prices
  • Charge VAT
  • Return policy
  • Guarantee Deposit Back
  • Not licensed
  • Rarely have insured
  • No contracts or very basic ones
  • Flexible Booking schedule
  • Prices negotiable
  • No VAT
  • No Return Policy
  • Will not Guarantee the deposit


Before your home is professionally cleaned, the cleaning company will give your home a walkthrough by sending someone to the property or they may ask for pictures so they can determine the size of your property and the amount of work required and to calculate how much they will charge you. Cleaning companies may charge a flat rate, hourly, or per square foot. you can use our cleaning calculator below to figure out what’s best for your house.

Home SizeStandard CleaningDeep CleaningEnd of Tenancy Cleaning
1 bed 1 bath£60 – £98£98 – £125£100 – £130
2 bed 1 bath£98 – £125£125 – £175£130 –£170
2 bed 2 bath£98 – £135£138 – £195£158 – £210
3 bed 1 bath£155 – £165£178 – £270£175 – £300
3 bed 2 bath£158 – £189£189 – £280£180 – £328
4 bed 3 bath£140 – £200£200 – £400£200 – £390
Additional Rooms£11 – £30£35£38

Looking for the best and most reliable cleaners near your area please contact us at 0202438675/07704499473


Our Professional After Builders cleaners are obligated to cleaning a specific property from top to bottom including cleaning internal and external glazing and all areas



Years in Business
Staff Members

Unfortunately, germs and illness can spread firster regardless of the season in an office environment.

Here are some of the surprising spots within your office that contain serious germs.


Imagine all the different people in a single day that handle the phone and put their mouth near it when they are speaking.Its estimated there are 30,000 germs per square inch that can live on the workplace telephone.


Workplace keyboard cab has more than 300 times as many bacteria as the normal toilet, to begin with, it is normally touched throughout the day so whenever those fingers have been touching its most likely they are going to end up in the keyboard. It is also the perfect place for catching sneezes and quite often people cough while sitting at the desk either into their hands or out in the open. You may have noticed that most of the dirtiest places in your office are surfaces that are meant to be handled but that don’t get cleaned very often.Other dirty hot spots in your office can include

  • Vending machine buttons
  • Water fountain buttons
  • Computer and phone
  • Coffee pot handle and fridge door handles
  • Breakroom sinks handle.
  • A recent study conducted on breakroom sinks faucet was found to be extremely dirty and at high risk of spreading illness which means 90% need regular cleaning
  • Call if you need assitance with matter raised here

Cleaning is no fun – we get it. There are a hundred other things you’d rather do (and need to do). But a messy house is bad news. For starters, a messy home increases your stress level. When you are surrounded by clutter, it can distract you from what you should be focusing on. It can also keep you from finding the things you need quickly (ever lose your keys?), and it can make you feel guilty and overwhelmed.

If you have kids, the challenge is multiplied. Sometimes it can seem impossible to keep your home neat and organised when there are other people making messes, but it can be done. Teaching your kids to keep their belongings organised and help with the household chores may sometimes seem like a one step forward, two steps back proposition, but it’s well worth it.

Putting systems in place to keep your house neat and organised can make a world of difference in your stress level and your quality of life.

Benefits of Having a Clean House

  1. Your house will always be clean! Okay, this sounds obvious. But just think about it. You’ll wake up in the morning or come home from work to a peaceful, clean, organised space – doesn’t that sound nice?
  2. Your life really will be less stressful. When you spend a little time each day maintain your clean home, you never have to spend hours getting it from hopelessly messy back to clean. You’ll be able to find what you need, and you’ll be able to do things like cook, get ready for work, and relax without the stress of clutter in your way.
  3. Your home will be more aesthetically pleasing. Keeping your home clean means it will always look its best. Remember that feeling you had when you first fell in love with your home and knew you wanted to buy (or rent) it? Keep that feeling by keeping your space neat. Plus, you won’t have to panic when unexpected guests show up at your door.
  4. You will spend less time cleaning. Keeping your home clean is much easier than cleaning it when it’s dirty. A few minutes here and there can save your hours every weekend. Don’t wait – go ahead and wash those dishes, run the vacuum cleaner, or give the toilet a quick swishing with the brush. This is time you won’t spend cleaning later.
  5. You’ll prevent pest infestations. Besides enjoying the comforts of a clean home, you also won’t invite pests. Clean up messes as soon as they happen, don’t leave dishes or full trash cans around, and don’t let clutter pile up, and you won’t be nearly as likely to have a pest problem on your hands.
  6. You’ll extend the life of your home’s materials. Some materials will last longer if you keep them clean. For instance, cleaning you carpets regularly keeps them looking and smelling newer and cleaner longer.
  7. Your home will be safer for children. Actually, it will be safer for everyone. No clutter means fewer tripping hazards; there also won’t be harmful substances sitting around that a small child could get into.
  8. You’ll be able to find what you need, when you need it. One of the most useful tricks for keeping your home clean is to designate a place for everything. This makes clean-up a breeze and also means you’ll always know exactly where to look for whatever you need.
  9. You’ll be promoting good health and hygiene. Keeping your living space clean and organised ensures it is safe and non-hazardous.
  10. You’ll keep dust and other allergens out of your home. Regular cleaning keeps your home free of dust and makes it a much better environment overall for your family, particularly anyone with allergies.

Make Cleaning Easier (& Quicker!)

Maintaining cleanliness makes your home a calming, safe, enjoyable place to be. There are several ways to make regular cleaning easier. Try:

  • Keeping a set of cleaning supplies in every bathroom to make quick touch-ups super easy
  • Keeping a vacuum cleaner upstairs and one downstairs so you don’t have to lug it up and down
  • Lining the bottom of your oven with foil – when the foil gets dirty, simply throw it out and replace it
  • Before you toss old toothbrushes, use them to scrub sink drains
  • Making doing the dishes right after dinner a regular part of the routine; take turns with other family members, or make a rule that whoever doesn’t help cook dinner loads the dishwasher
  • Making your bed the moment you get out of it

Every once in a while your home will need a deeper cleaning. Don’t wait for spring to “spring clean” – do it when you have time and are motivated to, regardless of the time of year. Set aside a weekend or two, enlist the help of your family, and get it done. Then, continue your small daily cleaning habits to keep enjoying your clean, neat, organised house for the rest of the year.