Unfortunately, germs and illness can spread firster regardless of the season in an office environment.

Here are some of the surprising spots within your office that contain serious germs.


Imagine all the different people in a single day that handle the phone and put their mouth near it when they are speaking.Its estimated there are 30,000 germs per square inch that can live on the workplace telephone.


Workplace keyboard cab has more than 300 times as many bacteria as the normal toilet, to begin with, it is normally touched throughout the day so whenever those fingers have been touching its most likely they are going to end up in the keyboard. It is also the perfect place for catching sneezes and quite often people cough while sitting at the desk either into their hands or out in the open. You may have noticed that most of the dirtiest places in your office are surfaces that are meant to be handled but that don’t get cleaned very often.Other dirty hot spots in your office can include

  • Vending machine buttons
  • Water fountain buttons
  • Computer and phone
  • Coffee pot handle and fridge door handles
  • Breakroom sinks handle.
  • A recent study conducted on breakroom sinks faucet was found to be extremely dirty and at high risk of spreading illness which means 90% need regular cleaning
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